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Your IoT-Platform for Smart Solutions
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For Businesses

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Conrad Connect is your gateway to the Internet of Things, allowing you to interconnect smart devices, apps, and innovative services from different brands and let them do the work for you. Create truly smart projects centered around some nifty automation and unlock the full potential of your connections.

Discover Endless Possibilities

Need some inspiration? Check out the ready-made project templates shared by others from smart home, health, maintenance, energy management, facility monitoring, and process management. Our simple drag-and-drop solution allows you to import, adapt and use projects that fit the bill.

The Possibilities Are Endless
Taking ‘Smart’ to the Next Level

Visualize Your Data on Dashboards

State-of-the-art automation tech and intelligent services help you smarten up your smart things even further. Moreover, flexible dashboards allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening. Fiddling around with zillions of applications no longer needed. 

Get Customized Solutions for Your Business

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Want to automate your business processes with IoT sensors, gradually reduce costs and skip building technical infrastructure by yourself? Conrad Connect Professional is the right choice. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to go.

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Your Privacy Is Our No. 1 Priority

Your Security Is Our No. 1 Priority

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. This is why we’ve put all the necessary measures in place to safeguard your privacy. With Conrad Connect you have full control over your data. 

✓ 100% GDPR compliant
✓ Latest SSL encryption
✓ Servers with the highest security standards in Western Europe

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