IoT Team Play: Samsung SmartThings and Conrad Connect as a Universal Remote Control for Everyday Digital Life

Samsung’s SmartThings smart home platform serves as a universal remote control for digital homes, with Conrad Connect supplementing automation routines.
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IoT Team Play: Using Tuya on Conrad Connect

Tuya Smart makes setting up home automation systems both easy and affordable. Using Tuya on Conrad Connect means your home takes care of things on its own. This is how…
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Conrad Connect Professional: Ten Key Questions and Answers at the 2019 IFA

How does Conrad Connect Professional help companies adopt the Internet of Things? 10 key insights gained at this year’s IFA.
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Heating. Cooling. Lighting. Stand-by. Energy-saving in Smart Homes.

Maximum comfiness. Minimum wattage. How to use smart devices to save money on your utility bills.
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Smart Fitness Competition: Getting on the Podium One Step at a Time

Our fitness competition service allows comparing step counts among friends regardless of what make of activity tracker people are using. And this is how it works.
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Conrad Connect Professional


Are you looking for an easy-to-use and result-driven IoT platform for your business? We have the right solution for you!

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IoT Team Play: Google Fit and Conrad Connect as Fitness Coaches

Using Conrad Connect to set up Google Fit activity tracking as a part of home automation helps you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
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Conrad Connect at the IFA 2019

Visit Conrad Connect at the IFA from 06. to 11. September 2019 in Hall 25 at Stand 333.
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Smart Living Made Easy: Our New Simple Project Editor

The new Simple Conrad Connect project editor helps you speed up home and office automation. This is how it works.
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