Occupancy-based Automation of Rental Property

If you turn your holiday property into a smart home, heating, air conditioning, access control and cleaning needs take care of themselves, based on occupancy.
Conrad Connect

Automated Meeting Room Bookings Using the Internet of Things

Raumbuchungen zu verwalten ist einfach. Mit Google Kalender, Joan und Conrad Connect automatisieren Sie diese Vorgänge und steuern ihre Haustechnik gleich mit.
Conrad Connect

How to ensure complete data series in Google Sheets

Conrad Connect enables you to record your data in Google Sheets. Learn here how ensure complete data series.
Conrad Connect

IoT-Teamplay: For Whom the Bell Rings. How Ring and Conrad Connect Make Your Home Smarter

Ring video door intercoms boost home security and comfort. If you link them to Conrad Connect, your smart home is literally saved by the bell. Pun intended.
Conrad Connect

Cooking, Washing, Refrigeration: Smart Living Centred Around Smart Home Appliances

Linking the Home Connect app and smart home appliances by Liebherr to Conrad Connect saves time and effort.
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Now available: battery sensor in many devices

Many of the already compatible devices on Conrad Connect are battery-powered. The has the advantage that you are free to place them, without thinking about the cabling.
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IoT Team Play: Smart Home Lighting Using Yeelight and Conrad Connect

Yeelight light bulbs and lamps are smart yet totally affordable. Linking Yeelight products to Conrad Connect puts your smart home in charge of the lighting. We explain…
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Otto Ready - Automated Order Placement. No Smart Appliances Required.

Buy dishwasher detergent for a bog-standard appliance at the push of a button or by voice command using smart ordering by Otto Ready and Conrad Connect.
Conrad Connect

IoT Team Play: Using Tuya on Conrad Connect

Tuya Smart makes setting up home automation systems both easy and affordable. Using Tuya on Conrad Connect means your home takes care of things on its own. This is how…
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Conrad Connect Professional: Ten Key Questions and Answers at the 2019 IFA

How does Conrad Connect Professional help companies adopt the Internet of Things? 10 key insights gained at this year’s IFA.
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