Conrad Connect 2020 Journey

Behind all of us is an exciting and special 2020. We used the time and worked hard to make our platform and services even better for you.
Conrad Connect

Extensive Upgrade: 11 New Features to Personalise the Internet of Things

11 New Features that Make Digitalising Your Business Easy
Conrad Connect

Using the Internet of Things to Charge Electric Vehicles Exploiting Time-of-use Tariffs

The Internet of Things used as a platform-as-a-service is an excellent booster for digital services related to electric vehicles.
Conrad Connect

Back 2 Office in Corona times

Back at the Office: IoT Automation Ensures Clean Air at the Workplace in the Times of Corona
Conrad Connect

IoT Team Play: eNet and Conrad Connect Offer Limitless Smart Home Possibilities

Expand your eNet Smart Home system by adding Conrad Connect
Conrad Connect

7 Ways to Implement 21st Century Digital Facility Management

Doing rounds and manual procedures are a thing of the past.
Conrad Connect

Automating Access Control Using Digital Doorman

With smart counting systems, retailers automate entry control and optimize their sales opportunities through customer flow analysis.
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7 Ingenious Devices for Smart Working-from-Home Setups

Smart devices on Conrad Connect help you efficiently work from home, organise your family life and handle remote facility management tasks.  
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12 Ways How the Internet of Things Helps You Get Through the Corona Crisis

If you are working from home, the Internet of Things helps you stay focused, exercise and keep a remote eye on business premises.
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Starting an IoT Business Made Easy Using Conrad Connect as a Platform as a Service

How PaaS Solutions Help You Tap into the Business Potential of the Internet of Things
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