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12 Ways How the Internet of Things Helps You Get Through the Corona Crisis

The ongoing corona crisis turns life as we know it upside down. However, there are two things you can count on: your home, and the Internet of Things. Smart technology makes working from home so much easier. Moreover, you can choose from plenty of clever IoT set-ups to stay fit during the lockdown. And when it comes to keeping an eye on closed stores and empty company premises, the IoT also provides straightforward solutions to do precisely that. Below twelve smart corona hacks that help you stay focused and fit when working from home.

Ways to Stay Focused While Working From Home

Suddenly having to work from home may come quite a shock to many of us who’ve gotten used to an office environment. And having to look after the kids now being at home, too, tends to affect your productivity levels. This is where our ready-to-use smart working-from-home automation routines come in that help you focus on your work commitments. Just import them into your Conrad Connect account and get cracking.

1. Video call in progress alert.

Video calls are a great way of staying in touch with the team while everyone’s working from home. An unaware family member bursting into your room mid-conference might rise a smile or two but if this happens a lot it definitely isn’t funny. Why not use this project template to tell everyone at home that you are currently on air, like recording studios or TV stations do when a session is on or a live show is being broadcast. Video call entries in Google Calendar trigger Philips Hue or other types of compatible smart lighting turning red at the time the call commences. You don’t need to do anything. Just let the IoT take care of things.



2.Brains need air.

Being really immersed in your work may prevent you from noticing the dropping air quality in your work space at home. No co-workers around either who remember airing out the office. This project reminds you when it is time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. It is centres around a Netatmo air quality sensor detecting increased CO2 levels and turning on Yeelight smart light bulbs. You also get an automated phone call should you choose to sign up for his service. The template also supports a wide range of other products as long as they are compatible with our platform.

Gute luft

3. Minimise distractions.

It’s very tempting to reach for the TV remote If you lose focus at work, it’s very tempting to reach for the TV remote, o catch up with your latest TV show. And someone showing up at the door doesn’t help either. Doesn’t need to be like this, though. Maintain a healthy work life balance by using smart mains plugs to disconnect the box, the stereo, and any other equipment that may distract you. Suitable products comprise smart plugs by Broadlink, TP-Link, Zipato and plenty of other manufacturers. And if you get yourself a Kopp interconnected actuator you can mute the doorbell, too.

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4. Sonos as a school bell.

Providing a school-like timetable helps your kids adopt to being educated at home. Enter both classes and the breaks between lessons into Google Calendar, and use our platform to link the time planner entries to the Sonos Talks announcement tool. Means your Wi-Fi speakers tell your kids when it’s time to go to class and when to take five.

Sonos läutet zur Schulstunde


5. Delivery? Just drop it right there.

One way of helping flatten the Corona infection curve is keeping a physical distance. Which also applies to posties, parcel and food delivery services. This template tells the delivery driver to leave the order at the doorstep. If someone rings the doorbell you get a text, and your Nanoleaf lighting panels light up. The Ring door video intercom shows you who’s at the door. Using a Mobile Alerts Wi-Fi button (or any other compatible wireless button) you can then fire up a smart LED strip light framing a note at the door.

Essen einfach abstellen



Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Working From Home

Commuting to work being put on hold, gyms closed and jogging with friends an absolute no-no right now doesn’t give you an excuse for not trying to stay healthy: workouts at home and solo exercise outside are still on. Why not turning your smart home into a fitness coach or a training partner? Our free project templates get you going, keep you motivated and help maintain your health and fitness.


6. Smart remote competition instead of group run.

Going out for a run with club mates or friends is an absolute no-no at the moment as the risk of catching the virus is massive. However, the current social distancing measures don’t mean that a bit of peer competition is entirely out of the question. This project allows comparing training data collected by your activity tracker to the numbers your friends have been putting out. And that regardless of what tracker brand everyone else is using. All data are forwarded to a Google spreadsheet. Reaching a training goal results in you getting a text message. Means you may be training on your own but stay motivated by seeing everyone else doing their thing, too.


Smartes Fernduell statt Laufgruppe


7. Keep staying active.

A cosy work space at home can make you skip going outside for walks, with you quickly building up an exercise deficit in the process. This clever template encourages you to get active based on the time of day and the number of calories burnt at this point. Sync your Fitbit activity tracker (also works with other brands) with our platform. Then choose your daily fitness goals. If it’s mission accomplished by sunset, your LaMetric Wi-Fi radio tunes into your favourite station.

7. Schön in Bewegung bleiben:


8. No steps, no music.

Like to listen to music while working? This project switches off Wi-Fi speakers if your exercise level falls below a certain limit, sending you a text telling you that it is time to get active. As soon as you reached the preset step count and aired out the place, playback resumes.

Keine Schritte, keine Musik


Remote Building Maintenance and Security

Right now, everyone’s key responsibility is to stay at home. As a result, company premises ,hotels and holiday accommodation are deserted. Nevertheless, leaving buildings and building services to their own devices isn’t a brilliant idea. Besides, there is the Internet of Things, so you don’t have to. Conrad Connect smart projects and services allow setting up remote maintenance and security routines. Means nobody needs to visit premises, to check whether everything’s hunky-dory.


9. Remote checking fridges and servers.:

Medical refrigerators and server cabinets need constant cooling. This template makes sure you are on the safe side by employing interconnected sensors that automatically monitor temperature levels. If temperature falls below or exceed preset limits, you get notified by text and email, with a smart light bulb flashing, too. Moreover, temperature data are continually forwarded to the Conrad Connect Dashboard allowing you to keep a remote eye on what’s happening, thus, preventing people from having to come in an check manually.

Kühlschränke und Server aus der Ferne prüfen:

10. Energy savings all around.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to work from home. Some on-site tasks will still require physical attendance – at least for a limited period of time. So, why not minimise energy consumption by only turning building utilities on when absolutely necessary? This project uses a smart motion detector to close blinds and switch off lights and heating as soon as the last person has left the premises.

Energie für Licht und Strom sparen


11. Smart intruder alarm.

Everybody working from home means expensive company IT equipment being left unsupervised in deserted offices up and down he country. Same applies to goods displayed in the windows of many closed high-street shops. However, in the digital age, tanks to the IoT, retrofitting interconnected security technology isn’t a big deal, even if your business is on a very limited budget. This smart automation routine notifies you via text, WhatsApp message and automated phone call the moment the alarm sets off. Means, even if your security staff isn‘t on-site you are able respond instantly, calling the cops.

Smarter Einbruchsalarm


12. Keep water pipes germ-free.

Stagnant water pipes in buildings that haven’t been used for a while, such as hotels and holiday accommodation, may harbour millions of bacteria. No need to worry though. Here’s a smart early warning system detecting Legionella bacteria that cause Legionnaires‘ disease and other types of flu-like illnesses. Wattsense sensors have been specially designed for use in building hot water supply, picking up any irregularities that may favour germ breeding. If this happens, Conrad Connect will immediately notify you per email. Means on-site water hygiene is cared for.


Want to use the Internet of Things to make your work, business and everyday life in the time of Corona easier? Why not try out one of the above free projects to find out what smart tech can do for you?