7 Ingenious Devices for Smart Working-from-Home Setups

Smart devices on Conrad Connect help you efficiently work from home, organise your family life and handle remote facility management tasks.


If you currently spend a lot of time at home working, with your family being around, too, setting up your work space need to be done properly. This is where home automation comes in, enabling you to stay focussed at your job, and helping you cater for your and our family‘s everyday needs, run your business remotely and, despite all that, still keep health and fit. Below, we introduce seven smart devices and show you how to use them as a part of clever IoT automation routines on our platform, making sure you are well prepared when it comes to work, school and pastime in the time of COVID-19.

Consistent Top Air Quality Courtesy of Netatmo‘s Smart Weather Station

Excellent air quality really helps when you need to focus on your work. And if you don’t keep an eye on it, things tend to get stale pretty quickly – particularly if you work in a smart office shared with others at home. The indoor unit of Netatmo’s hugely popular smart weather station tells you whenever CO2 concentration reaches levels that necessitate a thorough airing. Moreover, a built-in sounder alerts everyone else at home to stop making a racket when noise levels start to interfere with other people’s work.

Hooking the weather station up to our platform allows setting up smart lighting fixtures or smart speakers notify you of rooms being in need of airing. Comes in handy if you are so immersed in your work that you don’t realize how bad air quality has actually become.

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Image courtesy of netatmo.com



Logitech Harmony Hub Smart Home Cinema Entertainment

During the pandemic, home cinema is one of the few forms of entertainment that doesn’t come with any government-imposed restrictions. So make the most of it. Logitech’s Harmony 950 is a smart universal emote control capable of handling up to 15 different devices including a range of TV and audio stereo equipment as well as smart lighting. Good riddance to remotes. Life these days is already confusing enough as it is.

However, this is by no means all Harmony is capable of. Together with the Harmony hub and Conrad Connect, the remote operates pretty much your entire home automations system. This includes switching on smart TV sets, powering up Wi-Fi speakers and turning smart light bulbs on and off. Moreover, blinds open and close automatically, smart thermostats or air conditioners make sure it’s comfily warm at your place, and smart door locks make sure you home is safe. Using Conrad Connect automation templates means setting things up for a movie night or a fully-fledged home cinema experience requires a couple of mouse clicks only.

Goes without saying that constant diversions at home aren’t really helping you cracking on with work. To achieve this, just use a smart mains plug to switch home cinema equipment or the Harmony hub into Do-not-disturb mode. Means both you and your offspring are only able to watch TV during the agreed time.

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Sonos One: Smart Wi-Fi Speakers to Organise Your Family Life

Sonos One is now one of the most widely used Wi-Fi speakers, and that not only because of its smart control options. It allows setting up multi-room audio with different audio content being played back in each room. Perfect if you want to listen to your favourite tunes without driving your house mates crazy.

And playing back audio in high quality isn’t the only thing Sonos can do to help you organise family everyday life. The product comes with an announcer function called Sonos Talks. You need to link your Sonos speakers to our platform if you want to activate the feature. Sonos Talks plays back preset messages following a user-defined schedule which enables providing a structured learning environment to school-children such as a school bell marking the start of lessons and breaks. Moreover, why not use Sonos Talks to tell everyone scattered all about the house that dinner is ready? After all, the chance of having meals together more often is one of the upsides in the time of Corona.

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Image courtesy of sonos.com


Withings Body Cardio Smart Scales – A Clever Way to Get Your Dream Body

Because there is no commuting to work at the moment, and lots of leisure activities having been put on hold to for the time being, keeping fit and your weight down isn’t easy. Wthings (formerly Nokia) Body Cardio smart scales aren’t just your everyday body analyzer. The product comes with Wi-Fi and a cloud interface and connects to our platform which makes the scales even smarter.

If you are currently struggling to keep your weight at a level you want it to be, the scales can activate a red warning light next to the drawer where you stash your sweets whenever you’ve got a sugar craving. Alternatively, once you manage to reach your weight goals, use a smart speaker to send yourself a well-done message. Our platform allows you to come up with your own message content.

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image courtesy of withings.com

Virtual Group Runs Using Fitbit Charge Fitness Watch

The popular and affordable Fitbit Charge product line comprises fitness trackers that can do much more than display your workout data or feed them to a fitness app. If you hook up the product to our platform, you can hold friendly fitness competitions among your circle of running mates. The data of everyone who’s taking part are automatically entered into a spreadsheet. Means you can continue to encourage each other despite group runs being a no-no at the moment due to current physical distancing rules. Moreover, you aren’t forced to use a Fitbit product as our platform supports a whole range of activity tracker brands, too.

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Conrad Connect  Fitness Competition

Keep your business under control with the IoT Mini Kit from Disruptive Technologies

Sensor manufacturer Disruptive Technologies supply extremely compact unobtrusive sensors that keep an eye on your business premises whilst the pandemic prevents you from being on-site. The company’s IoT Mini Kit includes wireless sensors that can be placed wherever needed across office space or building. Fitting the products takes seconds.

Pre-emptive maintenance operations, building security, service monitoring, you name it. Whether we are talking detecting motion in spaces supposed to be closed off, or temperatures exceeding or falling below preset limits (and that at accuracy levels approved by food standard agencies), the IoT Mini Kit takes care of things. Touch sensors can act as feedback buttons use by staff or contractors to notify you of their presence on site, or to tell that the task they were assigned to has been completed.

Interlinking the Disruptive technologies IoT Mini Kit and Conrad Connect allows you to display all key data collected by sensors on one easy-to-read dashboard. You’ve also got plenty of options when it comes to how you want to be notified in the case of an incident.

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Image courtesy of disruptive-technologies.com

Smart Garden Irrigation Courtesy of CloudRain‘s Starter Kit

At the moment, holiday trips are off the cards. However, this is no reason to neglect the garden of your second home in the countryside or of accommodation you rent out to holiday makers. CloudRains‘ smart garden irrigation systems allows taking care of your lawn and flowerbeds from wherever you are at the moment. No need to travel to the place yourself, or contract a gardening service.

The CloudRain starter kit is aimed at first-time users and enables valve automation. The system uses local weather forecasting to ensure sufficient amount of watering, thereby also preventing a waste of water. Additionally, the whole kit is solar-powered which means maintenance-free operation without the need to replace batteries time after time.

Interconnecting CloudRain products and our platform makes smart irrigation even smarter. For instance, why not upscale and optimise irrigation by setting up a network of interlinked sensors? Or making sure your robotic lawnmower takes a break whilst RainCloud is busy watering the greens?

Conrad Connect‘s dashboards let you remotely keep track of what happens in the garden of your property. All that while being (hundreds) of miles away working from home.

Image courtesy of cloudrain.com

Get Cracking: Ready-to-use Templates and How to Set Up Your Own Projects

All you need to do is interlink your smart devices and your personal or business Conrad Connect account once. After you’ve done this, you can set up as many automation routines as you like, letting technology do the job so you don’t have to.

If you only want to use smart home appliances together with one other smart device or service, use our simplified project editor. This version of the editor has been especially designed for smartphones. However, if you are thinking about more complex automation scenarios, there is our advanced editor which makes putting together projects involving multiple smart devices and services really easy.

And if you opt for ready-to-use templates, getting your smart home projects up and running takes even less time. These templates are project publicly shared by members of the Conrad Connect community. Just import them into your account and adapt them to your needs.

Want to learn more about how the Internet of Things can make work, everyday life and business operations easier during the current pandemic? Start a free Conrad Connect trail now. If not, why not check out these handy IoT hacks that help you get thru the lockdown.

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