Activate projects via voice command: Tukuoro available on iOS now

Tukuoro now available on iOS

Tukuoro captures voice input, intelligently formats and processes it in real-time and in-context of your solution. With Tukuoro for Conrad Connect app you are able to activate your projects via voice command. Here are few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Download the app from the App Store for free here

  2. Open the app and authenticate with your Conrad Connect login credentials

  3. Activate the projects by tapping the microphone button and saying the name of the project. Make sure the projects have an “Action Button” sensor as a trigger, we will explain below how to do the setup.

Creating a project for voice activation

Let’s create a sample project, in order to understand how you can activate the projects.

Login to the Conrad Connect and go to the project graphic editor by pressing “+ New Project” button under the Projects section. Then click on the Action button and drad & drop it to the graphic editor field.


Then click on Actuators on the left down side of the screen and drag & drop SMS. Now connect the two elements together.


Fill in the properties of the SMS: the number of the recipient and the content. Set the trigger for the SMS as “ON”. This means, everytime the action button is activated, it will trigger the SMS. Finally, name the project as “Send an SMS” and save it.

That’s it, now everytime you say “Send an SMS” to Tukuoro app, the action button will be activated and it will send the SMS to the above entered number.

Have fun with Tukuoro app and Conrad Connect.