Activating your automated projects with Google Home

Activating projects with Google Home

Conrad Connect is an automation platform. Once you connect your devices to the platform, you can create smart set of rules based on the different sensors which measure the state of different measures all the time and execute orders the way you define it in the rule editor. These type of projects can run indefinitely and activate only when certain criteria are met. For example, getting a notification when the temperature drops below 0 degrees.

However, you can also create a projects which can be activated manually as well. These projects use a sensor called Action Button as a trigger. The Action Button is a digital sensor that can be triggered either by clicking the action button on the project preview or by using the name of the project to activate it by voice through Google Home or Alexa voice assistants.

Here is how the action button project looks like on the preview:

ghome preview projects

Once you click this button the project will be activated. In order to easily activate similar projects, you can also add the Action Button widget to the dashboard. The widget will automatically list all action button projects for you.

Dashboard widget

How to create an Action Button project:

Let’s say we want to create a project which we can activate shortly before leaving the house so the garage door is locked and the lights and sockets are switched off automatically. As discussed earlier this can be done either by manually pressing the action buttons on the dashboard or by Google home.

First, go to the new project and drag & drop the Action Button sensor on the editor

Action Button

Next, let’s connect few actuators to the action button. Please note that we used the delay function to lock the garage door with Nuki smart lock with 5 min delay and switch off the lights and the smart plug immediately.

Project preview

Save the project as “leave home” or any name that better fits you. Please pay attention that the name is important for activating the project via Google Home. If you would like to import this project, go here

How to activate project with Google Home:

  1. Link Google Home with Conrad Connect

    say “Ok Google, Talk to Conrad Connect”. You will receive a notification in the Home App, suggesting you to Link your Conrad Connect account. Press the “Link” button on your phone and enter your login and password for Conrad Connect. After that Conrad Connect will ask you to grant the access, you should allow it.
  2. Then simply say to Google home “Ok Google, ask Conrad Connect to activate “Action Button-Project name”.

    This will activate the project which you just named. If you want to learn more about how to setup Google Home with Conrad Connect.