Announcement - CarConnect is compatible

What is CarConnect?

CarConnect from Telekom Deutschland GmbH is a smart car adapter which turns your car into your personal hotspot in no time. You can use up to 5 devices simultaneously with up to 10 GB of high-speed data volume. Stream and browse while you are traveling as you would at home. Additionally, you can track your car right from your smartphone: the CarConnect app will inform you immediately when your parked car is disturbed, towed or stolen.

CarConnect and Conrad Connect

What you can do with CarConnect and Conrad Connect?

Together with CarConnect and Conrad Connect, you can create more exciting use cases by linking your car to your smart home and automating multiple tasks. For example, when you are leaving home or arriving by car after a long day at work, Conrad Connect can automatically take care of some of your routines - such as rolling the shutters up / down, turn on or off heating or lighting and much more.

Imagine you are coming back from a long trip at home in winter. Once you arrive, the first thing you do is turning the heating immediately up so you don't freeze. You can avoid this routine and make the arrival more pleasant by automating the process.

And this is how the project will look like:

Car Connect heating scheme

How to get started with CarConnect

  1. Install the app from Google Play or AppStore and create an account
  2. Insert the sim card inside the adapter and scan the barcode with the app
  3. Plug the adapter into the car

More detailed information about CarConnect adapter and services can be found here.

Once the adapter is set up and working all you need to do is to authenticate your adapter with Conrad Connect by logging in with your CarConnect account here. After authenticating your account with Conrad Connect the CarConnect will show up inside the project editor. If you want to use the location of your car as a sensor as in the project above, you need to define areas on the map - so-called Geofences, after which you can decide what should happen once the car leaves or enters into this area. Go to your app  menu and select Geofences, then simply follow instructions:

Car Connect app screenshot

Once done, go ahead an refresh your CarConnect connection on this page and the Geofences will show up in your Conrad Connect project editor as sensors. Then simply use them as the sensors from other devices to automate your home.

You can discover more published CarConnect projects for safety, home security and even fitness here.

Enjoy automating your life with Conrad Connect!