Announcement: Spotify is compatible

Announcement: Spotify is compatible

Do you use Spotify every day and love to find the right music for every moment? Whether for work, exercise, party or relax, with Spotify Premium the right music is always available for you. And now together with Conrad Connect Spotify can be integrated even smarter in your musical life!

Spotify as even smarter musical companion in your everyday life

As a new partner of Conrad Connect you can now create many new smart projects with Spotify. In order to be able to connect with the platform, you need the premium version of Spotify.

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To connect Spotify with Conrad Connect, simply follow these steps:

1. Authenticate your Spotify account on Conrad Connect as usual. Make sure the app is active during the process.​​​​​​​
2. Spotify adds to your Conrad Connect the device, on which the song is currently playing (e.g mobile phone, computer or simply a loudspeaker). If the device doesn't show up, simply click on "Devices available", play the song on that device and refresh the window - the device should then appear there and be available for use.


3. Use Spotify in your projects - to pause or resume, to play the next or previous track, and to adjust the volume.

You can find a concrete use case here: If the door gets opened during 8 pm and 11 pm, Spotify will pause playing the song for 10 seconds.

Other use cases can be automatically reducing the volume when the noise level exceeds a certain threshold. Or pause the track on Spotify immediately when an alarm is triggered?

Interested? Then join us, it’s FREE!

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