Automate your Christmas Holiday at the Office or Home

Automate your Christmas Holiday at the Office or Home

The Holiday Season is the perfect period for you to relax, travel and celebrate with your Family and Friends. It is a time to enjoy, not to worry!

Let yourself be inspired by the project "Safety during X-mas" so you can go on your vacations light-hearted from burglary. You can protect your Home or your Office by connecting multiple devices to feel safe and sound.


Project "Safety during X-mas"


How does it work? This project arms the Somfy alarm system during the days you are on the vacation and turns on the lights and radio during 6 pm - 8 pm.


What you need for the project:

1. Somfy alarm set

2. Smart Lights, e.g. Philipps Hue, Osram Lightify, Wiz (optional)

3. Smart Socket, e.g. Innogy

Please visit Devices & Services for an overview of compatible products.


Get started


Log into the platform and go to "Products & Services". Click on the products you want to connect and follow the instructions.


Import the Project


1. Go to "Projects" and click on "Published Projects".

2. Select "Safety during X-mas​​​​​​"

3. Click on "import"

4. If you need, adjust the rules.

5. Done. Now you can use the Project.


The project at a glance


Of course, you can adapt the project to your needs at any time and add other devices or people.

Have fun with automation!