An automated surprise party

Automate a surprise party

Combine various smart devices to give your friends unforgettable momories.  Through a mystrom button click you can trigger the lights and the canfetti canon just in the right time, so the surprise party can begin. Excite friends and share your memories with Conrad Connect


Project "Birthday party"

Celebrate the best moments with Conrad Connect

For this project you need mystrom wi-fi button to trigger the action, Philips Hue lights and innogy smart switch for the canfetti canon.  

With the help of Conrad Connect you'll be able to trigger different actions on these devices simultaneously. As soon as the button is pushed, the Hue lights will light up and create a party mood and the canfetti canon will go off.

What do you need?

-  MyStrom WiFi Button

-  Smart lights, e.g. Philips Hue lights

-  Smart switch, e.g. Innogy

Let's start

Login to Conrad Connect and go to "Devices and Services". For each device click on the image for that device and follow the instructions. 


Import Project "Birthday party" 

1. Go to  "Public Projects", search and click on "Birthday party".

2. Click "Import Project" and adjust the devices if necessary. If you like you can name the project as you wish.

3. Then click "Import Project". 

4. Done.

Of course, you can change the project after you imported it. You can adjust the parameters and add different devices.


Overview of the project "Birthday party"


Happy automating!