Conrad Connect as an alternative to Stringify

News: From July 1st, 2019 on, the Stringify App will no longer exist! Users who then need a new home for their smart devices must be able to move into a new “house” quickly and easily: Conrad Connect allows you to connect your smart devices as usual, and create smart automation chains that do the job for you - if it’s for go-to-bed, leave-the-house, or get-up-in-the-morning, Conrad Connect has many advantages for you when choosing an IoT platform.


Why are we so sure? Well, on one hand, we just took a detailed look at the relevant factors to choose the right IoT platform here and second, we are very proud of our smart components that more than 300.000 users right now love as well!


Here are some highlights of our platform:

  • Fast, easy and individual: With our drag-and-drop project editor you can create automation chains according to the if-then-then principle! Configure your projects exactly the way you need them, and use the weather report/ forecast, the delay function, or the weekday/ weekend or day/ night functions, to get the most out of your Smart Home or Smart Office! Create your own projects or use and customize already published projects, because…

  • ... with our search feature, you'll find quickly and exactly what you need and what you're looking for: by category or by brand, you’ll find everything about e.g. fitness or security, but also about brands, apps and services like e.g. Twitter, IFTTT, Homematic IP, Philips, Fitbit, Sonos and Nest.

  • On the personal dashboard, you can choose and see smart widgets that make the most sense for you. Also, the smart data that your devices deliver and you want to see, can be shared live! Simply copy the link to the individual widget or the complete dashboard and send it to somebody, like e.g. your (jogging-)partner or facility manager.

  • And at Conrad Connect we are already a bit further - because you can also use smart services, in addition to your smart devices. Use our Service Marketplace to integrate the current stock market into your projects (Stock Alert), connect your alarm system to a security centre (VKB) or let your devices order their new batteries automatically (Conrad Smart Ordering Service) when they’re empty.

  • At Conrad Connect you can connect thousands of devices from more than 70 brands here.


Just get started with these simple steps:

Good Morning 2.0 project
This complex "Good Morning 2.0 project" for example gives you
sunrise light, your favourite radio station slowly getting louder, a
pre-heated bathroom and the weather forecast on your phone.


The personal dashboard
The personal dashboard gives you an easy overview of
all your smart data, that you want to see.


Just a few brands you can connect with Conrad Connect
Just a few brands you can connect with Conrad Connect: On top, you can use more brands with these connections as well as many apps and services.



  1. Sign up here with an e-mail address or simply your Google, Facebook or Conrad account

  2. Sign in and find devices here, you just have to authenticate your device account

  3. Here you can find published projects or create your own project by yourself here

  4. Questions? Our help centre (behind the blue “?” on the right side of the website) and the community here helps you with the first steps and the implementation of individual automation ideas

  5. The blog here gives you always new inputs and suggestions for smart projects as well as announces newly implemented products