Conrad Connect Business Solutions

The ‘Conrad Connect Business Solutions’ concept aims to provide full platform and ecosystem support for businesses who want to grow by the power of IoT.

The concept is to be introduced in Germany for the first time at the IFA but we give you a sneak peek on the three main B2B solutions which from now, are available with Conrad Connect. Check out how Conrad Connect Business Solutions can support your business to grow:

  • Conrad Connect Professional
    Start your IoT project on the Conrad Connect platform in a quick and cost-efficient way, and realize projects for e.g. asset monitoring,  building automatization, smart notification or ticketing, and many more
  • Ecosystem Partnerships
    Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of an ecosystem with 80+ brands and 350k+ users by integrating your solution to this ecosystem and/ or offer your digital service on our Service Marketplace
  • Platform as a Service
    Use the power of our platform or offer it for your end customers under your own brand by using a customized version of our web application or by implementing the platform features into your own app. Learn more how Conrad Connect can help you develop IoT based services with PaaS solution in this web session.

Meet us at the IFA and learn much more about our new business solutions - simply write to us at or follow this link directly to your email program:


Conrad Connect Professional

Conrad Connect Professional allows you to set up your own IoT project in a quick and cost-efficient way, and to realize business benefits from the first day on! The platform provides you with a wide range of tools and features to support various IoT use cases in a flexible way.

Asset monitoring is a simple use case which can make a big difference for your business! You can easily track any metric of your critical asset or the environment, visualize or share the monitored data on a personalized dashboard, or automate notifications when a major event happens.

Another good example to use Conrad Connect Professional is the newly released stock relocation service. This service gives you innovative support to organize stock relocation processes in a time and cost efficient way. Please check the video below which shows how we support one of our partners, TechnoTrade with their stock relocation.



Is your business is looking for an easy-to-use IoT solution? Do you want to improve your process efficiency? Do you need innovative IoT solutions on the field of industry, manufacturing, retail or logistics? Then Conrad Connect Professional is here to support you!

Ecosystem Partnerships

Ecosystem Partnerships provides the opportunity for business partners to become the part of the Conrad Connect ecosystem and to directly leverage from the visibility they get on our platform. We offer two types of partnerships:

  • Integration partnership, for those businesses who would like to make their hardware solution or app work with the Conrad Connect platform, thus with all the other brands of the ecosystem.
  • Service Marketplace partnership, for those who would like to offer their own digital service on the Conrad Connect Service Marketplace to establish a new, innovative revenue stream.

We are happy to partner with all companies that are selling products or services, and which are seeking a bridge to the world of IoT. The partnerships offer easy access to 350.000+ users of the Conrad Connect platform and the opportunity to leverage new business potentials.


Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service allows business partners to use the power of our platform under their own brand, and also to offer it for their end customers as their own service. This solution could be made available in various technical forms, according to the need of the partner. Here are two examples we usually offer. 

  • The partner can use a customized (branded) version of the current Conrad Connect web application. This solution allows a relatively easy start, without the need for development on the partner side.
  • The partner can also build its own application by using the functions and the ecosystem of the Conrad Connect platform exposed via an API interface. This approach provides the possibility to build up a fully customized solution.

If your business is looking for a unique IoT platform solution, which even offers the chance to build up custom solutions for end customers, Conrad Connect is here to support!. Our solution comes with a low upfront investment, fast go-to-market, and pay-per-use conditions.

Meet us at the IFA and learn much more about our new business solutions - simply write to us at or follow this link directly to your email program: