Conrad Connect at the IFA 2019

At the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), Conrad Connect will once again take the opportunity to introduce the latest innovations to all technology enthusiasts and potential business partners. From September 6 to 11 2019, you will find us in Hall 25, Stand 333 and can experience Conrad Connect live.

IFA Conrad Connect Themen

In addition to the Conrad Connect Business Solutions we focus at this year's IFA the three topics Smart Energy Management, Smart Home Automation as well as Smart Health and Fitness

The 3 new Conrad Connect Business Solutions at stand 333

Conrad Connect Business Solutions helps companies harness the power of IoT by providing Conrad Connect with the comprehensive platform and ecosystem support.

Leverage Conrad Connect Business Solutions for your business growth and take advantage of new opportunities such as:

Conrad Connect Professional

Conrad Connect Professional: From now on, even business users can use our platform and build IoT projects with ease to automate and optimize their operations. We provide a wide range of IoT solutions for offices, warehouses, facility and MRO managers, small retail shops and restaurants.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Ecosystem Partnerships: Enjoy the business benefits of being part of the Conrad Connect universe with more than 90 existing partners and 400 000 IoT enthusiasts. Offer your smart devices or services on our platform.

Platform as a service

Platform as a Service: Use the Conrad Connect platform functionalities under your own company logo, and offer it to your customers as your new, innovative service!

Write us a short e-mail here or fill out this contact form to make an appointment with our experts.

6 Conrad Connect Smart Ordering Services

An example of the Ecosystem Partnerships is the Smart Ordering Service. The intelligent order service, with which you can place a predefined order with your smart devices in an online shop, is already available from four partners on the Service Marketplace:,,,, mü and SnackBaron (*'). From now on, you can make smart ordering processes, stressless and while saving resources.

smart ordering service conrad connect

This services allows ordering the consumables conveniently by clicking on a Smart Button or, for example, have the Smart dishwasher automatically order the washing tabs before they are completely empty. Orders can simply be triggered via an action button. Or, users can go one step further and have their smart devices initiate the order themselves at the right time, based on individual instructions on what to order when certain events occur. Misunderstandings when ordering are avoided by either following a link by e-mail or SMS and agreeing to the order before actually ordering something in the shop.

Smart Ordering Service for your Onlineshop

Currently, the intelligent order service is offered in Germany. Availability in other countries will follow soon. Open for your customers an innovative order channel, which has especially two very positive reasons: saving time and earning comfort. If you would like to take your online shop to the next level and become part of the "Future of Retail", then contact us with a short e-mail here or fill out this contact form to make an appointment with our experts.

Create your smart project in 3 steps - with the new Simple Project Editor

Would you like to connect a smart switch next to the printer to a Smart Ordering Service that will order copy paper when pressed? Or a temperature sensor or CO2 meter connected to your Spotify app, so that when a temperature or CO2 value exceeds a certain level, it plays a specific song? All smart projects, in which only two components represent an automation chain, as in the examples described here, can now be created with the Simple Rule Editor.

simple_projekt editor


Step 1: First, select "Simple Project Editor" in the project editor in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Click "Select" to select and configure the Action Button or Sensor.

Step 3: Click "Select" below to select and configure the actuator. Save and done.

(*) SnackBaron only works in combination with smart switches only right now.