Cooking, Washing, Refrigeration: Smart Living Centred Around Smart Home Appliances

App-controlled smart home appliances that connect to the internet make your life easier. They help you plan ahead when it comes to your shopping, save energy, boost home security and support you in many other ways. And here’s the kicker: they even expand the number of available functions if you let them. Interconnecting compatible devices with our platform means appliances automatically placing orders for refills, or waking up in the morning and literally smelling the coffee. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here is how to use Liebherr products, and Home Connect appliances by Siemens, Bosch, Gaggenau and Neff, to make it happen.

Bring your kitchen to the next level with a smart fridge: Compatible large appliances are available from Liebherr, for example, as shown here.


What Makes Smart Home Appliances Smart

Basically, smart fridges, washing machines, dishwasher, cookers, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners do precisely what their dumb counterparts do. The main difference is that you can operate them remotely as they come with a built-in wireless internet connection in the form of a microchip. This allows you to

  • use your smartphone at the store to check the content of a camera-equipped fridge, to avoid  buying too little, or too much, of what you need;
  • use phone apps and Alexa or Google voice commands to lower the temperature of your fridge to enable shock-freezing of food straight after you are back at home protect nutrients, or to chill beverage for tonight’s get-together,
  • get notified by phone if someone forgot to close the fridge door,
  • stop wondering whether you did indeed turn off the cooker. Use the app to check, and if it’s on, switch  it off remotely,
  • turn your dishwasher, washing machine and robotic  vac on when you are already out and about, and get notified as soon as they’ve done the job,
  • use an app to make coffee without having to get off the couch. Means no more hanging around the coffee maker until the cuppa’s ready.

Conrad Connect – More Comfort, Less Hassle

Smart home appliances are already able to do a lot for you. There’s still room for improvement though. More and more products by Liebherr, Siemens, Bosch, Gaggenau and Neff use the internet to connect to other devices and services. Our platform allows you to increase the functionality of smart home appliances, adding some useful features you’ve been looking for in an appliance for quite a while. 

One to rule them all: Operating each appliance with a separate app is a real pain. Our platform enables connecting more than 100 of the leading smart home brands to the Liebherr or Home Connect app. This lets you control all your smart home device using one platform. Also, you don’t need to fret about what’s going to work with what.

compatible brands

Home automation: Smart devices teaming up with each other are capable of so much more. For example, use our platform to hook up your fridge with a smart light bulb and make it flash as soon as the fridge door has been open longer than usual. Or why not set up a Conrad Connect Smart Ordering routine to get a new box of dishwasher tablets delivered to your doorstep when your  supplies are running low?


Everything at a glance: Conrad Connect dashboard widgets allow you to keep an eye on the operating status and energy consumption of both your smart home appliances and a lot of other parameters. Last but not least there are the members of our thriving Conrad Connect community, providing inspiration or help when it comes to home automation.


Smart Home Appliances with Conrad Connect Compatibility


Home Connect: The Home Connect app controls smart appliances by Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff, allowing you to turn devices on and off, select programs, change timer settings, switch appliances into eco-mode, determine number of wash cycles and lots of other things. All these functions will remain available if you run the products through our platform. In order to do so you need to link your Home Connect account to your Conrad Connect account. Our platform supports dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, coffee makers, cookers, fridges and freezers.


Liebherr: At the time of writing, Liebherr supplies over 120 smart fridges and freezers. Products with an i in their name are already equipped with a built-in SmartDeviceBox. All other products sporting the SmartDevice logo come with a slot that enables retrofitting the box. The SmartDeviceBox contains a Wi-Fi module that connects the appliance to the interwebs via your router. This which allows you to make the product a part of Conrad Connect home automation routines which, in turn, also increases the range of functions of your fridge or freezer.  For instance, it lets you link smart light bulbs to the Liebherr BottleTimer software, to remind you to take chilled beverage out of the freezer before the bottles break and turn your fridge content into a sticky mess.

Five Steps to Interconnect SmartThings and Conrad Connect

If you want to use products by Liebherr, Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau on our platform you first need to install the manufacturer app on your Android or iOS device, and create a user profile. You will need these details to interconnect the product and our platform. This is how you do it.

  1. Open your browser, log in to your Conrad Connect account. Click the “Products & Apps” tag. 
  2. Type “Home Connect”, “Liebherr” into the search box, or scroll to the appropriate tile. Click or tap the tile. 
  3. A new window opens. Click “Authenticate”.
  4. This results in you being redirected to the manufacturer‘s account login page. Enter your login details. 
  5. Allow access. Done!

Repeat Step 1 and 2 if you want to erase the collected data and prevent Conrad Connect from accessing your account in the future. You can do this anytime.

How to Make Smart Home Appliances a Part of Conrad Connect Projects

Once you’ve linked the home appliance apps to our platform, you are pretty much set and ready for home automation projects. If you only want to use smart home appliances together with one other smart device or service, use our simplified project editor. This version of the editor has been especially designed for smartphones. However, if you are thinking about more complex automation scenarios, there is our advanced editor which makes putting together projects involving multiple smart devices and services really easy.

Needless to say that, once created, automation routines are by no means set in stone. You can amend and  adapt any project at any time. Also, all other platform users greatly appreciate people  choosing to publish their projects on our community pages after they got them up and running at home.

Ready-to-use Project Templates

Opting for ready-to-use project templates is a speedy and painless way to get cracking. The templates are courtesy of our members who share them with the Conrad Connect community. All you need to do is import these templates into your account and adjust them to your requirements if necessary. Conrad Connect features a steadily growing number of templates for Home Connect devices and other appliances. Below just a few examples of what’s available.

Gäste kommen

Visitor alert – textbook home at the push of a button: surprise visitors already heading for your place, with you still being out and about? Don’t panic. This is where your smart home appliances come in. This project enables remote operation of your dishwasher using quick wash cycles. And this one not only switches on the heating to make your place comfily warm but also activates the robotic vac to make it look tidy.

Intelligenter Wecker

Wake up and smell the coffee (literally): Smart homes that have a fresh cup of coffee ready when you get up in the morning isn’t a futuristic vision any longer. This project doesn’t just tell the coffee maker to get going, it also opens the blinds, selects your fav radio station und switches of the home alarm. Besides making coffee, this one turns the heating on and set it to your chosen temperature levels, provides mood lighting and notifies you per text message whether you need sun cream or an umbrella. Happy with just a cup of coffee whilst listening to some good tunes? Pick this one.

Automatisierte Nachbestellung

Automated ordering of dishwasher tablets: Dirty dishes piling up on your sink but you still didn’t get around to buy some dishwasher tablets? That’s so totally yesterday. Because every time your  Home Connect supporting dishwasher completes its 80th washing cycle, this project automatically orders dishwasher tablets, slat, rinse and limescale preventer. Deliveries are fulfilled by online retailer Otto. Select Otto Ready from our list of smart ordering service, and pick the required products. Don’t worry. Before your order is being processed, you‘ll get an email itemising your shopping basket. To go ahead with the purchase you need to explicitly confirm your order by clicking a link.

Günstigen Nachtstrom nutzen

Benefit from electricity night rates: As long as your utility provider offers cheap night rates, this project might be just your cup of tea. It runs your dishwasher during the dark hours, helping you save money on your utility bills. Means it doesn’t only make your home smart but also energy-efficient.

Why not put Liebherr, SmartThings, Home Connect and our platform to good use and enable your home automation system to take care of things? Have fun!