Developing Services for the World’s First-ever IoT App Store

New Conrad Connect Service Marketplace Portal for IoT Developers: Conrad Connect’s Service Marketplace portal allows developers to set up pioneering IoT services, and to benefit from new business opportunities.


Looking back, the Internet of Things (IoT) has already achieved a lot: more and smarter devices communicate with each other in homes and gardens, cars, at the workplace and on commercially used premises, hitting usability out of the ballpark. But that’s not the full story. Like apps turning smartphones into powerful multi-tools, smart IoT-based services also take things to the next level making our day-to-day lives easier and comfier, and that in largely unprecedented ways. This is precisely why we recently launched our Service Marketplace which serves as a kind of “IoT App Store”, and why we’ve now come up with a developer portal that allows setting up new services for already more than 280.000 Conrad Connect IoT users from across Europe and the US.

What our service marketplace is all aboutService Marketplace Conrad Connect

Our service marketplace allows you to interconnect your smart devices and web services with additional real-life services, thereby opening up even more opportunities to automate your daily routines. For instance, let your data do the work by employing IoT Analytics to expertly monitor the energy consumptions of your home appliances. And instead of fiddling with a smartphone app to view electricity usage, why not use one of the services available on our marketplace to get voice messages via Wi-Fi speakers? And for all those who spent a lot of time away from home, why not programming your smoke and water leak detectors to notify a rapid task force service that instantly responds to any fire and water emergencies.

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This also means that our service marketplace touches some key aspects of what the IoT is all about. And who knows what other ingenious new service ideas are going to get our marketplace community buzzing with excitement. 

How to use the developer portal to shape the future of the IoT

The new developer portal allows both companies and independent developers to create groundbreaking IoT services. If you know how to code Node.js and HTML you’ve got what it takes to get started. Everything else you need to know to publish your IoT service projects on our platform you’ll find in our portal. This includes both the framework and the required tools. We also ensure compatibility to thousands of smart devices which ensures your software solutions work for all devices and web services supported by our platform.

Impact of your IoT service ideas

Our developer portal gives you access to a large and growing community of tech-savvy IoT enthusiasts who promote the use of smart devices and services to make our everyday life easier. As the community embraces IoT innovation, you’ll find a very responsive audience for all products that fit the bill.

This doesn’t just apply to new IoT products. We believe that many of the already available smart devices and services are still falling short of what they are really capable of. Means if your service helps IoT users unlock this potential, this represents a significant amount of added (and very marketable) value to your product and opens up new opportunities when it comes to your existing or prospective business models.

Our platform supports 1000 different products from more than 70 brands. Which gives you a whole range of possibilities of developing groundbreaking applications that incorporate both existing and new services. Whether it’s pre-emptive maintenance, smart emergency notifications, smart safety assistant, monitoring energy consumption or a simple one-click pizza ordering service, when it comes to the versatility of the Conrad Connect developer portal, only the sky is the limit. Also, this puts you in an excellent position to help shape the future of the Internet of Things.

How innovative companies benefit from our IoT developer portal Unternehmen Developer Portal Conrad Connect

Our developer portal allows both start-ups and established companies to use innovative IoT service ideas to get their foot into new market segments.  This makes you more competitive and helps you stay ahead of everyone else. What’s more, our service marketplace is an extremely useful business channel when it comes to catering for existing and new customers alike. And getting real-time customer feedback enables you to gauge market potential quickly, speeding up the development, testing and launching process of new services. As our portal infrastructure is both safe and easy to use this helps you allocate your resources more efficiently thereby reducing the project development costs.

How IoT enthusiasts benefit from our developer portal Entwickler Developer Portal Conrad Connect

Our developer portal is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be among the pioneers the very first IoT App Store on the planet. You get access to state-of-the-art IoT technology that allows developing solutions or thousands of compatible IoT-enabled devices. If you are an enthusiast who got into IoT solely because it’s fun, you’ve got the opportunity to develop and share customised automation routines for home. And all those who develop IoT solution for a living our portal helps with prototyping and commercializing  innovative products. Moreover, gaining this kind of marketability track record boosts the chances of attracting prospective investors and business partners.

Home safety as a service: VKB using our service marketplace

Which type of IoT services tend to go down well with Conrad Connect users? In short, anything that helps automate fundamental user demands. This may involve ways of saving time, increase home comfort, or making users feel safe and secure at home. And this is precisely where Versicherungskammer Bayern’s  Smart Home Safety Assistant comes into play.

VKB vom Conrad Connect Service MarketplaceThis service is available from customers in Germany at our marketplace and allows connecting smart smoke and water leak detectors to the VKB emergency dispatch room. In the case of a fire or water spillage, the smart sensors follow standard operational protocol by setting off the fire alarm sounders or notify occupant via a phone text message. However, if occupants aren’t at home, or have their mobile phone switched off, the Smart Home Safety Assistant takes over calling the team at the VKB dispatch room who, in turn, get in touch with the users and their emergency contacts, taking the necessary to action to avoid excessive damage to their home. Enables service users to go on more extensive holidays than usual, whilst still feeling their home is in good hands. 

If you want to use the German wide VKB service, visit our service marketplace and subscribe (requires one click, that’s it). Currently, the VKB service supports Homematic IP smoke and water leak detectors as well as smoke detectors manufactured by Nest. If you sign up before April 30, 2019, the service is free. Afterwards, subscription comes at a monthly fee of €9.95. You can cancel your subscription giving 4 weeks’ notice.

This IoT service is provided by Bayerische Landesbrandversicherung AG, a member of the VKB group. VKB is Germany’s largest public sector insurance provider and among the country’s top seven primary insurers.

How to get started as an IoT developer

Taking part in our developer programme doesn’t require any formal qualifications. If you know your Node.js and HTML, that’s pretty much all you need. Becoming a successful Conrad Connect IoT service developer involves three steps. First, sign up to the portal. Then come up with your own IoT service. Third, publish your service on our Service Marketplace. Congrats, you are done.

Developer Portal Conrad Connect_Step1
1. Sign up for the portal
Developer Portal Conrad Connect_Step2
2. Develop your own service
Developer Portal Conrad Connect_Step3
3. Launch it for the users

At the moment, we continue to operate a beta version of our portal which means the number of participants is limited. However, sign up anyway, and we’ll notify you immediately whenever a place becomes available.