Homematic IP Award for Your Smart Home Project

Together with Homematic IP, we are looking for the most creative home automation solutions from all Conrad Connect users!


Thanks for the numerous participation, great projects have been published! The top five winning projects:

Be inspired by the many ideas! Find all submitted projects here!

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Indoors, outdoors, boosting home comfiness, making day-to-day life easier - joined by Homematic IP, we are looking for some of the really clever home automation solutions you came up with. And to make sharing your projects worthwhile, there are ten fantastic Homematic IP prizes up for grabs. 

And there’s more: our Special Award is an all-inclusive ticket to the 2019 Homematic User Convention held in Kassel, Germany, from April 5 to April 7. The winner will be drawn from all eligible entries. Participation is easy! To be eligible, you need to own at least one Homematic IP product, create a Conrad Connect project involving your Homematic product or products, and make it public. That’s it. 

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

Afterwards, it’s the turn of your fellow users who are going to rate your and all other projects, creating a shortlist with the winners. Entries are open from January 14 to February 28, 2019. After the closing date, users can continue to rate entries until March 17. 

When submitting your competition entry, make sure you mark it as such by putting #HomematicIPCompetition at the end of your project description

General Competition Terms & Conditions are available below.*

Your chance to win fantastic prizes!

The three entries with the most likes win an Homematic IP expansion set worth about €230 (wireless mains outlet, door and window contactsthermostatic radiator valvewall thermostatindoor motion sensor). Projects placed 4th to 10th will receive an Easy Connect heating starter kit And there’s our Special Award: ticket and accommodation for the 2019 Homematic IP User Convention held in Kassel this spring.

Get started!

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

1. Not registered yet? Sign up here. Otherwise, log in.

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

2. After signing up and logging in, add your first smart devices to your account. 

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

3. Now create a Conrad Connect project using at least one Homematic IP product. 

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

4. Make your project public

Need support? Our Help Centre provides answers to plenty of questions. Can’t find the answer? Ask the Conrad Connect Community.

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

Need some inspiration? No prob. Check out this project centred around Homematic IP products.

Homematic IP Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

Good luck!

*  General Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is organised by Conrad Connect GmbH, Klaus Conrad Strasse 1, 92242 Hirschau, Germany. Entering the competition is free of charge. Upon entering the contest, you accept the present Terms. Conrad Connect reserves the right to exclude entrants from the competition without giving a reason if they violate the present Terms & Conditions, or have entered under false pretences.

  2. All Conrad Connect users aged 18 or above who have published a project involving Homematic IP products on our platform between January 14, 2019, 2 pm, and February 28, 2019, 6 pm, may enter the contest.  
    Individuals employed by Conrad Connect GmbH, or otherwise involved in organising and staging this competition, and their relatives are not eligible to enter the competition. 

  3. Contestants may enter the competition online (www.conradconnect.de). Entries are open to all registered Conrad Connect users who have created and published a project on www.conradconnect.de between January 14 and February 28, 2019. Moreover, each project must have a self-explanatory title and come with a clear and concise description. Completeness and accuracy of the description are the responsibility of the entrant. Conrad Connect cannot be held responsible for technical issues during the submission process. Moreover, Conrad Connect shall not be liable for any damages as a result of technical issues. Entering the competition is entirely voluntary, free of charge, and not subject to the purchase of products or services. 

  4. Projects created prior to the above cut-off dates are not eligible. However, entrants may choose to publish an updated version of their project during the competition. Moreover, entries plagiarising or importing projects by other users will be disqualified.

  5. In the case of entrants submitting similar or identical projects, the project with the higher number of likes shall take precedence. If both projects gain the same number of likes, the project with the earlier creation date will take the prize. 

  6. Entrants may submit as many projects as they like. However, only one project per entrant can win.

  7. A total of ten (10) winners will be selected by a jury appointed by Conrad Connect. The selection of winners will be based on the total number of Likes garnered from other Conrad Connect users. The winner of the Special Award (admission and accommodation for the Homematic user convention held in Kassel, Germany) will be chosen by the jury. Prize eligibility is limited to entrants who have provided all required information. Contestants and winners shall not be entitled to any compensation or other considerations. All winners will be notified by email using the personal information they provided upon entering the competition. All contestants agree to their personal information being used for this purpose. Winners who do not reply to Conrad Connect within twenty-one (21) days after being notified forfeit their competition entry.

  8. Upon entering the present competition, all winning participants agree to their user names and photographs (if applicable) being made public on the Facebook pages of both Conrad Connect and Homematic IP, in the Conrad Connect newsletter as well as on the Conrad Connect webpage. Winners will be notified by the organizers. Entrants may withdraw their consent at any time by sending an email to feedback@conradconnect.de

  9. The organizers of this competition reserve the right to exclude contestants who violate the contest rules, use means, tamper or attempt to tamper with the entry process or the operation of the contest in order to gain an unfair advantage.

  10. If any provision of the present Competition Terms & Conditions is held unenforceable, then such provision will be modified to reflect the intention of the contest. All remaining provisions of the present Terms & Conditions shall remain in full force and effect. 

  11. All entrants will need to provide personal information in the form of a valid email address. Conrad Connect as well as all other parties involved in organising and staging this contest will use entrants’ personal information solely for the purpose to ensure a smooth progress of the competition. Both Conrad Connect and all associated parties will not share personal information with any third party. Upon entering the contest, competitors agree to their name being made public by Conrad Connect if they are among the winners. 

  12. Conrad Connect’s GT&Cs (https://conradconnect.de/en/inhalt/nutzungsbedingungen) and Privacy Policy (https://conradconnect.de/en/privacy) apply. Responsible entity in compliance with GDPR: Conrad Connect GmbH, Klaus Conrad Strasse 1, 92240 Hirschau, Germany