How to connect devices to Conrad Connect


Connecting the devices to Conrad Connect helps you make connections to other devices even if they aren’t compatible with one another. This is achieved through so called cloud through cloud communication. A cloud here refers to a service or a software which runs externally in the internet and not locally on the user’s device. This means you don’t even have to touch your physical device in order to connect it. That’s why Conrad Connect is a cloud platform. The platform talks not to the devices directly but to their clouds instead. The image below can help you visualize the process:

connection to Conrad Connect

As you can see, the devices are already connected to their cloud solutions. You are using your device’s cloud when you set up an account inside the producer’s app.

Let’s use a Sygonix smart plug as an example. Setup procedures may vary from device to device and from brand to brand but usually they follow the similar steps:

  1. Set up the device and create an account 
  2. Connect the device cloud to Conrad Connect cloud via authorizing the access
  3. Using the product in the projects

1.Set up the device and create an account

In order to set up Sygonix plug, first you need to download the mobile app either from the Appstore or Google Play. Once downloaded, you should create an account with your E-mail and connect the device to the Internet by following the instructions inside the app. Once the device is connected to the Internet you will be able to control it directly from the app. If you do so, you’ve successfully established a connections between the smart plug and the Sygonix cloud.

2. Connect the device to Conrad Connect

Now you can go ahead, login into your Conrad Connect account and proceed to Devices & Services section and click on Sygonix

sygonix device page

Once you click on ‘Authenticate’ you will be forwarded to the Sygonix login page. Login there with your login details from Step 1 and allow Conrad Connect access.

authorization accept

3. Use the device in the projects

That’s it! From now on the Sygonix smart plug will show up in the project rule editor and you can use it for creating all sorts of projects.

rule editor

Happy automating with Conrad Connect!