How to use dashboards on Conrad Connect?

How to use dashboards on Conrad Connect

IoT is a complex world. Each smart device we use on daily basis can deliver dozens of different types of data. Of course, usually each device has a designated app where you can search and look up the data you want, but if you have more than one device this process can quickly get frustrating. What if you want to see your daily fitness data summary along with the energy usage of your home and the security status of your cameras and windows? Well, with Conrad Connect that’s all possible.

Once visiting the devices & services page on our website and connecting the devices, all the data delivered by those devices is available to you to combine on Conrad Connect Dashboards. Just log in on the platform and click on the top navigation bar on the very left-hand side to the drop-down menu to select the Dashboard you want to work on. You can have up to 3 dashboards at the moment.


There are 3 important parts of the dashboard:

  • The lock button

  • The “+” button

  • A widget

The lock button enables you to lock the dashboard. This means, until locked, you won’t be able to configure existing widgets or add the new ones. Make sure the lock is unlocked while you are editing the dashboard and locked while you are observing the data, so you don’t accidentally change the widgets.

The “+” button helps you add new widgets. If you click on it, you will see the list of all devices that you’ve connected so far. On this page, on the upper left side you are also able to change the name of the dashboard. Now click on one of the listed devices and you’ll be able to see all different types of data, this device can show on the dashboard. In our example below you can see the data that a fitbit device delivers.

Pick one of the  chart types which is most convenient for you and then close the page.


The new widget will be automatically created on the dashboard.

Now if you want to organize your widgets, simply hover over them (make sure the lock is open) and move it around by drag & drop method. You can also configure a single widget. Just click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the widget. You will see three options: configure, export data (optional, if the widget allows it) and remove. Click on configure and you’ll be able to adjust the details of the widget.


Pro tip - color code your widgets so it’s easier to visualize the data. For example, you can show weather data in blue, fitness data in yellow and so on.

Once done, lock the dashboard and you are done, now you can see all the data at a glance.

Enjoy building your own dashboards on Conrad Connect.