How to use Google sheets with Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect enables you not only to visualize your data on dashboards but also record it in the Google sheets. This is a great tool if you are keen on having a deep dive in your data: analyze it or visualize by building various charts and diagrams.

How to get started

First, go to the Devices & Service section on the top menu bar and find Google sheets.


Then simply click the authentication button and follow the process for linking your Google account to Conrad Connect. Once done, Google drive will appear as a resource on the page.


Next, create a new project. Drag & Drop a sensor you want to use on the graphics editor and connect it to the Google sheets actuator. You will find the Google sheets in the actuator sections on the left-hand side of the editor We used the Tado humidity sensor in this example.



Now click on the Google sheets actuator and fill it out. Write the names for the Spreadsheet and worksheet. Please pay attention, that in the columns field you need to separate names by "|||". The system automatically generates the first default date column on the spreadsheet. In our example, we created upper bound, lower bound and humidity columns.

Next, we need to tell the system which values we want to record in the sheets. Click on the magic wand button inside the message field. It will open the following window:

pop up

Now select and add the values you want to transfer. Then separate them with "|||", similar to what you did in the columns field in the previous step. In our case it looks like this:


Save the project and give it some time to appear in your Google Drive. It may take up to 30 min for the first time to see the data transferred from the sensor to the sheet. In our case the result was immediate and we could see the following data in the spreadsheet.


Have fun automating your life with Conrad Connect!