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IoT Team Play: eNet and Conrad Connect Offer Limitless Smart Home Possibilities

Expand your eNet Smart Home system by adding Conrad Connect Limitless IoT possibilities ⌂ Compatible with over 100 brands + Quick and easy set up → Get the benefits now!


Lighting. Heating. Blinds. eNet’s all-inclusive home automation solution puts you in charge when it comes to comfort, energy efficiency and safety of your smart home.  And being able to automate and operated all your smart tech inside the building and on the premises using one central hub does sound pretty nifty, doesn’t it? Thanks to the Internet of Things, this isn’t a big deal. Interconnect eNet Smart Home and our platform to benefit from a wide range of IoT functions right away. Here is how it works.

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What eNet Smart Home Technology Does

Developed by smart home pioneers Gira and Jung, KNX started out as a open standard for wiring-based building automation, and has since turned into one of the world’s most frequently used internet protocols. In this context, the company’s expertise was instrumental for the development of eNet Smart Home, an industrial-grade building services automation platform that now uses wireless communication between devices. The upside: no more laying new cables or re-routing existing ones.  This makes eNet an ideal solution for existing buildings and rental property.

gira and jung

eNet allows operating devices by all-in-all seven well-known home brands. Besides Gira and Jung, these include Brumberg, Häfele, Siedle, STEINEL and tado°. Between them, they cover a wide range of uses, such as lighting, heating, operating blinds and shutters, energy management and building security. To make sure things are set up properly and everything runs as it should, there is an extensive network of more than 2,000 qualified service engineers ready to provide help when needed.


The eNet server at the heart of the home automation setup also enables controlling connected smart tech via a smartphone app if your internet connection happens to be down for a while. Means you can basically build a home  automation system tailored to your needs, using wireless switches, wall-mounted transmitters, motion detectors, blinds and shutter actuators and thermostats supplied by any of your favourite eNet brands .



Connect Connects Makes eNet Smart Homes Even Smarter

eNet integration

eNet already comes with a wide range of Smart Home applications. If you connect eNet to our IoT platform, this number skyrockets: interlinking both platforms gives you access to smart devices and services by another 100 top brands. What’s more, an easy-to-use GUI allows you to operate both eNet building services and smart devices that help you keep fit, operate home cinema, support your working from home, facilitate gardening and make your car journeys safer and much more entertaining.  Sensor readings, power consumption and device status of all devices are displayed on a single browser-based dashboard instead of being spread across different apps.     


And here’s the kicker. You no longer need to deal with everything yourself. Using Conrad Connect logic gates and automation rules enables your smart home to operate smart tech entirely on its own.

Your Benefits:


  • Compatibility: Conrad Connect enables linking your eNet Smart Home system to intelligent smart light bulbs, door locks, in-line sockets and many other types of smart devices supplied by more than 100 popular home automation and IoT brands. Makes compatibility issues a thing of the past. 
  • Flexibility: All products being interconnected on our platform allow manual operation via web browser, wireless smart button, and Alexa and Google voice command.  Alternatively, employ rule-based automation routines.
  • See everything at a glance: Conrad Connect dashboards lets you keep an eye on which devices are turned on and off, power consumption, sensor readings and lots of other data related to your smart home. Synchronise the status of and the data collected by an increasing number of actuators, sensors , transmitters and eNet scenarios with our platform.  
  • Data privacy: Both eNet Smart Home and Conrad Connect use state-of-the-art data encryption and GDPR-compliant data storage. Moreover, you may delete any collected data at any time.
  • Smart ordering and much more: Services provided through our marketplace act as an interface between the digital and real world, enabling your home automation system to carry out of many everyday chores. 
  • Community: Last but not least there are the members of our thriving Conrad Connect community, providing inspiration or help with all things home automation on the  Conrad@YourSide forums.

5 Steps to Interlink eNet Smart Home and Conrad Connect

Using eNet Smart Home products on Conrad Connect has the same system requirements as setting up the voice control. Means, you need eNet Server OS version 2.2.1 or later, with the server being connected to the internet at all times. You require both an eNet account and a Conrad Connect Premium subscription (charges apply). You need to install the eNet app on your iPhone/Android smartphone. And the remote function in our eNet account must be set to active.


  1. Open an browser on your PC or smartphone and log in to your Conrad Connect account.



  2. Click the “Products & Apps” tag. Type “eNet” or “eNet Smart Home” into the search box, or scroll to the tag on the apps A-Z list. Click or tap “Connect” or anywhere else on the tile.



  3. A new window opens. Click “Authenticate” (available to Conrad Connect Premium subscribers only.)



  4. This results in you being redirected to the eNet account login page. Enter your login details.



  5. Return to the Conrad Connect page. It now shows a list of the detected eNet devices, which can be activated and renamed. The number of devices available to you is specified in your Premium subscription. Done!



Repeat Step 1, 2 and 3 if you want to erase the collected data and prevent Conrad Connect from accessing your account in the future. You can do this anytime.

Mit eNet-Geräten und Conrad Connect smarte Projekte gestalten

Once you’ve linked eNet Smart Home to our platform, you are pretty much set and ready for home automation projects. If you only want to use eNet products together with one other smart device or service, choose our simplified editor. This version of the editor has been especially designed for smartphones. However, if you are thinking about more complex automation scenarios, there is our advanced editor which makes putting together projects involving multiple smart devices and services really easy.

project editor

At the moment, our platform allows using any compatible Jung and eNet product as an actuator in the following ways:


  • To turn sockets and appliances on and off, to switch on, dim and switch off smart light bulbs (actuator: eNet SMART HOME Power)
  • To (partially) open and close blinds and shutters, to operate motorised awnings (eNet SMART HOME Movement, eNet SMART HOME Level)
  • In the case of venetian blinds with adjustable slats, to specify slat tilt (eNet SMART HOME Slat)
  • To use entire eNet automation scenarios in Conrad Connect projects instead of importing individual eNet routines one by one. (eNet SMART HOME Scenario)

Currently, we are still operating a beta version of eNet, however the plan is to implement the full version shortly. Means  you’ll soon gain unlimited access to readings collected by power meters, light sensors and motion detectors, and be able to use wireless buttons to trigger automation routines. What’s more, all the data will also be displayed on our dashboard.


Once created, automation routines aren‘t set in stone. You can amend and  adapt any project at any time. Other platform users greatly appreciate you choosing to publish your projects on our community pages. Works the other way around, too.

Get Cracking: Ready-to-use Project Templates


Coming up with smart home automation projects doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. If you want to speed up the set up, why not opt for ready-to-use templates created and shared by Conrad Connect Community  members? Just import them into your Conrad Connect account and modify them to meet your needs. Besides, the number of eNet Smart Home templates is increasing as we speak. Here are a few examples:


Energy-efficient: Automated Lighting and Shading

Why allow your blinds to shut out natural daylight? And what’s the point of switching on the lights if the sun hasn’t set yet? This project automates the operation of eNet blind actuators and Philips Hue light bulbs: eNet blinds open at dawn for daylighting. At the same time, an Osram smart in-line socket powers up Wi-Fi repeater, to ensure adequate signal coverage across the whole house during the day.  When night falls, Conrad Connect closes the blinds and turns on the lights. At the time you got to sleep, the smart  bulbs switch off and the smart socket powering the repeater goes into standby.


Practical: Powering  up Your Place at the Push of a Button

Going out and coming back without having to switch off and on appliances one by one? No problem at all. Do it by pressing one button, voice command or just by looking at your smart Wi-Fi camera. When leaving the house, open Conrad Connect’s mobile app and tap the relevant button, or a physical wireless switch, once. Alternatively, tell Google Assistant or Alexa that you are going out. This results in eNet Smart Home turning into non-occupancy mode, with a Nuki smart lock securing the front door and wireless in-line sockets switching electric household appliances into standby.  When you return home, tap the virtual or real button twice, or tell Google or Alexa  that you are back. This activates the eNet at-home mode. However, probably the easiest way to do it is using a Netatmo Welcome camera that recognises your face and powers up your household electronics accordingly.


Cool and Safe: Smart Blind and Shutter Control

This project allows you to keep an eye on your front door whilst also preventing your rooms from overheating. If someone rings your doorbell, or if your Ring door video intercom detects movement at your doorstep, eNet Smart Home opens the blinds or tilts the slats so you can check out who’s at the door. If you aren‘t at home, Conrad Connect notifies you by a pre-recorded phone message, and also sends a text to your neighbours. And if your Weatherhub indoor sensors should read temperatures exceeding 23 degrees Celcius, eNet closes the blinds again, or returns the slats to their original position, to avoid room temperatures going up further. 

Looking for ways to give eNet Smart Home functionality a boost?

Conrad Connect makes it straightforward to set up your own smart automation scenarios.