IoT Team Play: Home Automation Using Netatmo and Conrad Connect

Who says that innovative smart home technology has to look ugly or dull? Netatmo products certainly don’t.  Besides being stuffed with really clever tech, the company’s product line also scores in the aesthetics department. Means if you are looking for home automation devices that blend in well with a wide range of home interior styles don’t look any further: Netatmo products with their minimalist design and classy metallic look keep a low profile, being neither obtrusive nor appearing obviously tech-y.

However, a stylish design doesn’t mean that Netamo is willing to compromises on product features and functions. The company is among the pioneers when it comes to developing state-of-the-art smart home security, energy, meteorology and air quality solutions. This includes using AI for video image analysis. Moreover, Netamo products stand for durability, reliability and long life cycles. Unlike devices from brands, you don’t need to replace them  every other year with a new version which keeps ROI high and follow-up costs low.

Being short of space isn‘t really a problem either because most Netatmo products come with built-in Wi-Fi and don‘t need an extra hub to connect to your router. Also, no premium cloud service subscription required to store the footage recorded by Netatmo CCTV cameras – SD memory cards or a local FTP server will do just fine.

Netatmo products may be operated in many different ways, including smartphone apps, PCs, Apple devices, and using your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Alexa and Google Home also provide a variety of automation options – as does Conrad Connect.

Netatmo Welcome WLAN IP Überwachungskamera
With Netatmo, it's all about combining design and functionality - as here with the Netatmo Welcome WLAN IP surveillance camera: The devices should fit into their (and your) environment, and they do!


Below a list with Netamo products that are compatible with our platform. 

  • Netatmo Weather: weather station comprising an indoor and an outdoor unit, logging RH, carbondioxide levels and temperature;
  • Netatmo rain gauge (for weather station);
  • Netatmo wind gauge (for weather station);
  • Netatmo weather station extra indoor unit;
  • Netatmo room thermostat/TRVs;
  • Netatmo Presence outdoor CCTV camera with LED lighting;
  • Netatmo Welcome indoor CCTV camera with face recognition;
  • Waterproof window/door contacts with Welcome CCTV compatibility;
Netatmo Presence WLAN IP Überwachungskamera
In the area of security are many application examples, as here with the Netatmo Presence WLAN IP surveillance camera...


Netatmo Welcome WLAN IP Überwachungskamera
...a special feature is that devices such as the Netatmo Welcome WLAN IP surveillance camera recognize people...


Netatmo Presence WLAN IP Überwachungskamera
...and the system can then decide if an (un)known person is walking through the garden.


Why Using Nest on Conrad Connect Makes Your Smart Home Even Smarter

Netatmo products cover a large number of automation options. And if you choose to operate Netatmo devices via our platform, this number goes through the roof.  Here just some of the benefits:  

  • as both our platform and marketplace support over 3000 individual smart devices, apps and services by more than 70 brands, using Netatmo on Conrad Connect offers endless possibilities when it comes to setting up the home automation system that YOU want;
  • a browser-based graphical rule editor lets you set up complex automation routines easily;
  • the Conrad Connect dashboard allows you to keep an eye on your Netatmo products and their status;
  • the dashboard also enables visualising temperature readings and other smart home-related data in the form of charts and colour graphs;
  • get ideas, help and support from members of our thriving Conrad Connect Community.

Three Steps to Interlink Netamo and Conrad Connect

  1. First thing you need to do is setting up your Netatmo device and creating a Netatmo cloud account on your smartphone after downloading and installing the relevant app (supports Android, iOS and Windows phones).
  2. Log in to your Conrad Connect account using your email address and password. Go to Products & Services and select the Netatmo poduct page. Tap “Authenticate”.
  3. This redirects you to the Netatmo webpage which allows you to enable data exchange between your Netatmo and Conrad Connect account. Tap  “I accept”. Job done!
Netatmo Funk-Heizkörperthermostat
For smart savers: Whether smart temperature control, with Netatmo wireless radiator thermostats...


Netatmo NWS01 Funk-Wetterstation Vorhersage für 12 bis 24 Stunden
...or weather forecast for 12 to 24 hours with the Netatmo wireless weather station...


Netatmo NRG01 Regenmesser
...or even the measurement of precipitation in the garden with the Netatmo rain measuring system.


10 Ready-to-use Project Templates Involving Netatmo Products

Now you’ve got what it takes to automate your home using products from Netatmo and other IoT brands. Our easy-to-use rule editor allows you to create smart routines by simply dragging and dropping he relevant code snippets into the relevant sections. However, and before you dive into smartening up your home, why not check out a wide range of tried and tested templates shared on our platform by our steadily growing community?  At the moment, there are about 250 templates centred around Netatmo products  to choose from.  Importing templates into your account is done via a mouse click. What’s more, you can edit each product to fit your needs.

Setting Up a Visual Weather Station

People being totally immersed in their work oftentimes don’t realise dropping air quality levels at their workplace. Interconnecting smart light bulbs (e.g. Philips Hue) and Netamo’s weather station allows you to give yourself visual cues whenever it’s time to let some fresh air in. If the CO2 levels are within healthy limits Hue bulbs  emit green light. Increased amounts of CO2 make the bulbs change their colour to yellow, turning to red when things are getting really unhealthy. On top of which you get an email that tells you to open the windows for some airing.

Alternatively, why not set up a visual weather station that monitors room temperature? Useful for commercial premises and baby rooms alike.

Smart Lullaby

Speaking of baby rooms, little one waking up in the early hours doesn’t always require immediate parental attention. This smart lullaby project helps get junior back to sleep. It involves the noise sensor of Netatmo’s weather station which activates a smart mains plug that powers audio stereo which provides the appropriate musical underscore. Temporary relief for sleep-deprived mums and dads.

Acoustic Washing Machine Monitor

Netatmo und Conrad Connect_Waschmaschine ist fertig

Here’s another rather clever hack centred around the weather station indoor unit. If your washing machine is placed in the nether regions of your home and doesn’t feature Wi-Fi, the only way to tell whether the laundry is done is by heading over and checking. Or is it? Because this project saves you plenty of mileage, using the noise detector of the weather station to keep an ear out in the garage or scullery room or wherever your washing machine is based. No noise means washing cycle completed. The project also employs a so called Action Button  (which might be clicking a dashboard icon, pressing an actual Wi-Fi button, or using a voice command ) to activate noise detection.

Morning Jog Encouragement

Netatmo und Conrad Connect_Morgenlauf-Wochentags

Morning jogs are good for your health. However, making time for a little bit of early-day leg stretching isn’t always easy. This project helps. It is centred around the Netatmo weather station linked to a fitness watch which can (but doesn’t have to) be a Garmin product. If the fitness watch detects that you got the sleep you need, that there’s still sufficient time until the alarm goes off, and that the weather permits a little bit of jogging in the morning, you get a text message. If you want to get exercise no matter what, this project version skips the sleep tracking and tells you to get your running shoes - unless it’s subzero temperatures or chucking it down out there. 

Comfiness at the Push of a Button

No home feels comfortable without being cosily warm. And smart thermostatic radiator valves allow you to choose the temperature levels YOU feel comfy at – down to the centigrade. However, your mobile phone with the app might not be always in reach, and using their voice to control devices isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is why this project enables you to select the required room temperature using a Wi-Fi button (Mystrom) that communicates with Netatmo thermostats.

All Creatures Great and Small (!?)

Netatmo und Conrad Conenct_Heizkörperthermostate und Leuchtmittel nur dann an wenn Person

These days, heating and lights turning on when you return home is a pretty common automation routine easily set up by employing a number of motion sensors. However, if you’ve got pets that trigger motion sensors by moving around in- and outdoors, that tends to complicate things. The solution? Netatmo’s Presence CCTV camera that uses AI algorithms to tell the difference between humans and animals. This Conrad Connect project makes sure that heating and lights only switch on when a person is at your doorstep.

Smart Lock That Recognises Your Face

Netatmo Welcome is an indoor CCTV camera with built-in face recognition, able to discriminate between known and unknown faces. Interlinking the camera and a smart lock e.g. by Nuki, or any other brand,  on our platform saves you going thru all your pockets looking for keys, or having to get off the couch to let someone in. Because this project automatically unlocks the door for family members, friends and acquaintances, also locking the door again after 30 seconds have passed.   

Musical Welcome

What about being  greeted by your Sonos speaker automatically playing your favourite songs whenever you return home from work or an errand? All courtesy of the built-in face recognition of Netatmo’s Welcome cam communicating with your audio system via our platform. Can’t beat that, can’ya?

Turning It Down When Somebody Shows Up

Conrad Connect_Netatmo dreht Spotify leiser

This project makes sure you won’t miss the postie again because of listening to music or watching TV. Whenever Netamo’s Presence camera detects that someone’s on your doorstep, it notifies Spotify to turn down the volume regardless of the device you are streaming your music or movies.  In addition, Hue smart bulbs change colour to make you aware of a caller at your door. Requires a Spotify Premium account.

Making Illegal Parking a Thing of the Past

Netatmo und Conrad Connect_Parkplatzsicherung

Everyone knows you can’t just park wherever you like. Plenty of people don’t seem to care though, in particular when it comes to disabled parking bays, property access gates and residents-only spaces. No surprise there – most times motorists get away with it as none of us has  got the time to constantly keep an eye on restricted parking. However, here’s a project that does precisely that. Because the Netatmo Presence cam also recognises vehicles, not just people and pets.

First thing you need to do is create a Google Calendar sheet to enable people who are authorised to use the relevant parking bays to book a time slot. Link the calendar to Netatmo Presence. This means that the camera will detect any car parked in the bay or restricted area outside pre-booked time slots, triggering Osram smart lighting to illuminate a large sign reading “No Parking – Tow Away Zone”. And if you want go the whole nine yards, also use a push message service to call in a tow-truck company.