IoT Team Play: Smart Home Lighting Using Yeelight and Conrad Connect

These days, smart lighting won’t break the bank. In fact, Yeelight’s changeable light bulbs, lights and lamps are absolutely affordable. Also, this doesn’t mean that you can’t operate them via an app, voice command or as part of your home automation system. From now on, our platform allows connecting Yeelight products to smart door locks, TRVs, thermostats, air quality sensors and a wide range of other smart devices. Which not only makes your smart home brighter (pun intended) but also much more comfortable and saver. Here is how it works.

What Yeelight Smart Lighting Products Do

The China-based brand is among the leading suppliers of smart lighting products on the planet, growing its customer base in Germany as we speak. Manufacturing network-enabled LED light bulbs since 2013 makes Yeelight one of the most experienced businesses in the market.

The product range covers a wide range of uses, comprising smart light bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as more decorative items in the form of flexible light strips. If you are looking for a comprehensive package, choose lights that come with built-in LEDs suitable for ceilings, office desks, side tables and chests. What’s more, many of the company’s products aren’t just means to light your home but real eye catchers due to their stylish design.


Yeelight products support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which makes  setting things up easy. As they operate via smartphone app or routers already in place you don’t need to splash the cash for an additional hub. 

Moreover, Yeelight lighting products are also compatible with a Xiaomi gateway. These days, Xiamoi is one of the fastest expanding suppliers of smartphones, TV sets and IoT-enabled products in the Germany. Since Yeelight forms a part of the Xiaomi product ecosystem,  Yeelight products are also an option when it comes to a wide range of smart lighting scenarios.

Conrad Connect: Smart Lighting for Even Smarter Homes

Yeelight’s app or voice operated smart bulbs ensure lighting in the right brightness and in one of several million available colours at any time. However, what happens if you already use Philips Hue smart bulbs or smart Wi-Fi mains plugs by other brands?

Operating each product via its manufacturer-issued app is rather inconvenient to say at least. Use one to rule’m all. Also, why switching on lights manually if your smart home is perfectly capable of doing this for you? Besides, smart lighting can do way more than just create a cosy atmosphere, for instance, when being used as part of an early-warning system when it comes to low air quality, home intruders or fire.


Below some of the benefits at a glance

  • Conrad Connect allows you to make devices manufactured by Yeelight and other brands a part of your automation routines. This enables your home to respond to any given situation the way you want, and that entirely without the need to use buttons or voice commands to tell the system what to do. In other words, your smart home system will be capable to deal with things on its own.

yeelight project


  • Our platform enables connecting more than 100 of the leading smart home brands to the Yeelight app. No longer fretting about what’s going to work with what.
yeelight project1


  • Flexibility: Execute Conrad Connect home automation routines by using Wi-Fi switches, by voice commands through Alexa, Echo Dot, Google Assistant and Google Home, or via a web browser.

  • Order replacement items the smart way: Our Service Marketplace links the digital and the real world, enabling your home automation system to deal with a wide range of everyday tasks.

service marketplace


  • Everything at a glance:  Conrad Connect dashboard widgets allow you to keep an eye on which lights are on, how much energy they consume and many other parameters. Also, there are the members of our thriving Conrad Connect community, providing inspiration or help when it comes to home automation.


Five Steps to Interlink Yeelight and Conrad Connect

First thing you need to do is install the latest version of the Yeelight app on your Android or iOS device and set up your profile. Afterwards you need to enable Conrad Connect to access  your account.  This is how you do it.

  1. Open your browser, log in to your Conrad Connect account. Click the “Products & Apps” tag.
  2. Type “Yeelight” into the search box, or scroll to and click the appropriate tile.
  3. A new window opens. Click “Authenticate”.
  4. This results in you being redirected to your Yeelight account login page. Enter your login details.
  5. Confirm. Congrats, you are done.

Repeat Step 1 and 2 if you want to erase the collected data and prevent Conrad Connect from accessing your account in the future. You can do this anytime.

Yeelight and Xiaomi Products with Conrad Connect Compatibility

As of November 2019, our platform works with below Yeelight and Xiaomi lighting products. Moreover, products of Xiaomi’s Mi range are also compatible as long as they support the Yeelight app.


  • Smart LED Bulb 1S (dimmable)
  • Smart LED Bulb 1S (color)
  • Smart LED Filament Bulb
  • Lightstrip Plus
  • Lightstrip Plus Extension (über das Basisprodukt des Lightstrip Plus)
  • LED Ceiling Lamp
  • LED Ceiling Light 450 (white)
  • LED Ceiling Light 450 (starry)
  • LED Ceiling Light 480 (white)
  • LED Ceiling Light 480 (starry)
  • Serene Eye-friendly Lamp Pro (Sunlike)
  • Smart Wireless Charging Bedside Lamp
  • Crystal Pendant Light
  • Ambiance Lamp
  • Bedside Lamp I & II


  • Mi LED Ceiling Light
  • Mi LED Desk Lamp
  • Mi LED Desk Lamp 1s
  • Mi LED Desk Lamp Pro
  • Mi Bedside Lamp I & II

How to Make Yeelight a Part of Smart Lighting Routines

simple project editor

Once you’ve linked the Yeelight app to our platform, you are pretty much set and ready for home automation projects. If you only want to use Yeelight together with one smart device or services, use our simplified project editor. This version of the editor has been especially designed for smartphones. However, if you are think about more complex automation scenarios, there is our advanced editor which makes putting together projects involving multiple smart devices and services really easy.

Needless to say that, once created, automation routines are by no means set in stone. You can amend and  adapt any project at any time. Also, all other platform users greatly appreciate people  choosing to publish their projects on our community pages after they got them up and running at home.

Customisable Ready-to-use Project Templates

Opting for ready-to-use project templates is a speedy and painless way to get cracking. The templates are courtesy of our members who share them with the Conrad Connect community. All you need to do is import these templates into your account and adjust them to your requirements if necessary. This allows you to customise templates originally created for lighting products by other brands. Below a selection of what’s available.



Cosy home cinema night in: Binge-watching a box set or cuddling up and catching up with the latest Hollywood blockbusters means home lighting takes the backseat. Use one command to power up the telly, kill the lights and close the blinds.

wm wecker

Sport event reminders: Keeping up with what happens in the world of sport isn’t always easy. These projects make sure you won’t miss matches broadcasted live. It uses Google Calendar entries to switch the TV on fifteen minutes prior to kick-off. It also switches light colour to a low-intensity green,  or to the team colours of your fav side.

instant party

Party at the push of a button: Got the urge to do a Travolta?  This project helps. Lighting turns red, green, blue and pink, and your Sonos speakers churn out a dance track. As you don’t want to pee off the neighbours, the music stops for precisely 30 seconds when someone opens the front door. Also, track volume drops for 15 seconds if the movement is being detected next to the door.


Wenn Tür auf, Licht grün

Door opens, lights turn on: Using a door contact, your home automation system detects you are at home and switches the lights on.

Temporäres Licht mit MyStrom und Hue

Lights on/auto-off via Wi-Fi switch: This project uses a smart Wi-Fi switch to turn on the lights at the push of a button, and to turn them off automatically after a preset time.

Wecken mit Wetterlicht

Light colour alarm clock: This template creates an alarm clock with a light-based weather forecast. Light colours change depending on how nice, or grim, things are outside.

Lichtwecker und Tv Nachrichten

Light-based alarm clock and morning news: This project not only ensures that you wake up on time utilising smart lighting. You also get a good-morning text message, and the TV turns itself on and switches to a news channel.

Dringend Lüften

Time to air out: People being totally immersed in their work oftentimes don’t realise dropping air quality levels at their workplace. This project takes care of it, using air quality sensors that switch the lights to a warning colour whenever elevated levels of CO2 are detected, telling you that it’s time to give the place a good airing.


Light-based weight watching alerts: If your smart body analyzer thinks you are too much on the chubby side, the lights above the drawer you stash your choc cream eggs in turn red whilst a healthy fruit basket gets the spotlight it deserves.

Smarte Nachtbeleuchtung

Dimming lights the smart way after dark: Good riddance to all those nightlights that occupy otherwise available mains sockets. This template reduces the brightness of smart lighting to 20 per cent for a preset time after sunset. Means if you need to get yourself a glass of water being half asleep, you will neither trip nor being blinded by bright light.


Smoke detection - house alarm

Smoke alarm lighting: In the case of emergency, this project uses Conrad Connect to enable a smoke detector to change the lighting colour to red. Means everyone’s gonna know even if they don’t hear the alarm sounder.


Occupancy simulation as intruder deterrent: Use this template to simulate building occupancy over weekends, switching lights on and off. Suitable for homes and offices.


Don’t know your face means lights turn on: Netatmo’s Presence CCTV camera capturing footage of an unknown person during the dark hours results in the lights being switched on. The template uses in-line actuators to achieve this, however, linking camera face recognition directly to smart lighting products works, too.

Looking for innovative ways to light your home? Why not use Yeelight on Conrad Connect to make your home both smart and cosy? Have fun!