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IoT Team Play: Using Homematic IP on Conrad Connect

Homematic IP is an IoT solution by eQ-3 that makes home automation easy and straightforward. Unlike Homematic,  its predecessor, Homematic IP has been designed with all those in mind who are still trying to get to grips with the internet of things. Means it’s easy to use, no prior knowledge required, and with both individual products and system being operated by intuitive phone apps, or by using your voice. What’s more, the system supports Android and iOS devices as well as Alexa and Google Assistant. So take your pick. Homematic’s cloud-based services allow you to remotely access the system from wherever you are. No need to disclose any personal information in the process, as the system utilises anonymized data only. No email addresses and no passwords involved either when logging in to your account. It’s all done with QR codes and separate authentication steps. Moreover, the system employs the same AES-128 and CCM encryption standards that also used in worldwide online banking.

Homematic IP’s popularity isn’t just down to its easy usability. One big selling point is the system’s versatility, covering a huge range of state-of-the-art IoT applications, enabling you to use eQ-3 products to remotely control and automate every nook and cranny of your home. The system revolves around the Homematic IP Access Point that needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi router.  Afterwards just add any smart devices that help you make your home safer and comfier, covering everything from heating, lighting, air conditioning and blinds all the way to security, surveillance, meteorology and environment.  In other words, choosing Homematic IP means laying the foundation for a personalised use of the internet of things. On top of which interlinking Homematic IP products and Conrad Connect is going to hit the number of available functions and benefits right out of the ballpark.

Why Using Homematic IP on Conrad Connect Makes Your Smart Home Even Smarter 

Homematic IP devices already come with plenty of connectivity and versatility. However, interlinking and using the products on our platform opens an entire new world of automation possibilities. Here just some of the benefits:

  • both our platform and marketplace support over 3000 individual smart devices, apps and services by more than 70 brands, offering endless possibilities when it comes to setting up the home automation system that YOU want; 
  • a browser-based graphical rule editor lets you set up complex automation routines easily; 
  • the Conrad Connect dashboard allows you to keep an eye on your devices and their status;
  • the dashboard also enables visualising temperature readings and other smart home related data in the form of charts and colour graphs; 
  • get ideas, help and support from members of our thriving Conrad Connect Community.


Thermostat and window sensor

A full list of all Homematic IP smart home products supported by Conrad Connect is available at the bottom of the page. Nevertheless, below a sneak peek of what we are talking about:

  • Thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Door and window contacts
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Smart mains sockets
  • Switches for lights, blinds etc
    Homematic IP_motion sensor_Wifi plug_window sensor_Thermostat
    Some popular products from Homematic IP, that have been included into many Conrad Conenct projects are e.g. motion sensors, wifi plugs, smart thermostats as well as window and door sensors .


    5 Steps to Interlink  Homematic IP and Conrad Connect

    First, use the Homematic IP app to set up the Homematic IP access point, and to connect the respective products. Afterwards,  log in to your Conrad Connect account to authenticate your Homematic IP system.

    1. Open the Homematic IP app and tap the ‘Menu’ icon (top left corner). Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Voice Control and Extra Services’ and ‘Conrad Connect’.
    2. Tap ‘Status Reports’ and allow Homematic IP to forward status reports to Conrad Connect. You need to do this if you want to utilise the full range of Homematic IP functions and features on our platform.  
    3. Confirm by tapping ‘OK’ (on Android devices) or ‘Done’ (iOS). 
    4. Tap ‘Connect’ and ‘Request’ to obtain the activation code. Make a note of the code. 
    5. Log in to your Conrad Connect account, go to the Homematic IP product page and type the activation code into the eponymous box. That’s it.
    smokedetector Homematic IP
    Also, smart projects with sensors from the area of safety and security, like the smoke detector here from Homematic IP, as well as water or motion sensors, are published a lot on Conrad Connect.


    Get Started: Ready-to-use Projects Centred Around Homematic IP Products

    Our rule editor allows you to come up with your own projects centred around products from both Homematic IP and other IoT smart brands. Don’t worry, no need to start every project from scratch. Because there a loads of tried-and-tested templates shared by members of our large and ever-increasing Conrad Connect community available from our webpage. All you need to do is import them. You can also tweak them a bit to meet your needs. Below just some of  800+ available project templates involving Homematic IP products

    Smart Lighting Using Philips Hue, Osram and Other Brands

    Good news: our platform now allows you to interconnect Homematic IP smart home solutions and Philips Hue products. All you need to do is use Homematic Access Point instead of the CCU2/CCU3 hub. And Philips Hue is by no means the only smart lighting supplier supported  by Conrad Connect which gives you a whole variety of automated lighting options. 

    For instance, in the event of an alarm going off, why not ensure to get the attention of everyone at your place by combining Homematic IP alarm sensors with flashing Hue smart bulbs? Or display outside temperatures using different lighting colours? And what about using Homematic IP and Osram smart lighting products to create a comfy and relaxing ambience when back home from work?  

    Room Air Conditioning Using Homematic IP on Conrad Connect

    Properly aired rooms help boost productivity. This project tells you when it’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. It involves Homematic IP widow contacts and the Netatmo weather station that detect closed windows and high carbon monoxide levels. Also, everyone likes bright sunlight unless this results in room temperature hitting uncomfy numbers.  Leave it to the Netatmo weather station that monitors outside temperatures and tells the Homematic IP actuator to close the blinds.    

    Beats and Advice from Sonos

    Conrad Connect makes Sonos smart speakers part of your home automation system. Subscribe to Sonos Talks!, a cloud-based service, and get voice notifications by speaker whenever a Homematic IP sensor sets off an alarm. And this project enables your smart speaker to issue a stale air warning.  Suffering from morning grumpiness? Need a mood fix? Use a Homematic IP project to play your favourite tunes. Can’t find the phone with the Sonos app? Use Homematic IP wall switches to set the volume to this, this or this level. 

    Please Welcome to the Stage: Homematic IP and Spotify

    When it comes to automated music playback, subscribers to Spotify’s premium service aren’t limited to one brand of smart speakers. Our platform allows turning Homematic IP wall switches into a Spotify remote control, and this regardless of the speaker brand you are using to stream music. And if you connect a Homematic IP motion detector to Spotify, the music starts playing whenever someone enters the room.  

    No More Letterbox Junk Mileage 

    Waiting for the postie to deliver something you urgently need? Clocking mile after mile by checking the letterbox every five minutes? What about fitting an Homematic IP contact to your letterbox and using  push mailing to get a text sent to your smartphone when someone’s moving the flap? Means you only need to walk to the box if something’s been put through.  

    Let the Heating System Take Care of It

    These days, smart heating systems warming up your place in time to make it cosy when you return from work without wasting energy are pretty much common place. But what happens if you are home early, or need to work late? Easy. Employ geofencing to let your home automation system know that you are on your way. Although Homematic IP products don’t come with built-in geofencing yet, there are ways around it: either use the IFTTT locating applet on Conrad Connect, or interconnect your Homematic IP thermostatic radiator valves and Google Calender. Means the heating turns itself on when you leave work, and your place is going to be warm and comfy when you arrive at home.    

    Automated Meteorological Spreadsheets for Gardners and Plant Breeders 

    Do your plants refuse to grow as they are supposed to? This might actually be down to temperature fluctuations. Interconnecting Homematic weather sensors and Google spreadsheets allows  automated long-term recording of meteorological data in an online document that helps you  pinpoint possible causes. 

    Smart Home Safety Assistant Water Leak Alerts

    Besides products by other manufacturers, Homemetic IP also supports a range of innovative cloud services. These include a Smart Home Safety Assistant that uses water leak detectors to set off the alarm, also notifying your insurer’s emergency dispatch room in the event you aren’t at home. The dispatcher will get in touch with you, or your  emergency contacts, thereby enabling you to take the necessary action to avoid excessive damage to your  home. This service is available German wide from our service marketplace.

    Homematic IP: eQ-3 Devices with Conrad Connect Compatibility

    The number of CC-compatible Homematic IP devices is increasing as we speak. As of March 2019, our platform supports the following products:





    HmIP-FAL230-C10 / FAL230-C10
    HmIP-FAL230-C6 / FAL230-C6
    HmIP-FAL24-C10 / FAL24-C10
    HmIP-FAL24-C6 / FAL24-C6

    HMIP-WTH / WTH-2


    Access point
    Alarm sounder
    Universal blinds actuator
    Universal blinds dimmer/actuator
    Universal wall switch (2 gang)
    Universal blinds actuator
    Universal actuator
    Actuator (with indicator light)
    Homematic IP wall thermostat (230V switch output)
    Homematic IP wall thermostat (24V switch output)
    Thermostatic radiator valve
    Thermostatic radiator valve
    Thermostatic radiator valve (compact)
    Underfloor heating actuator (230V, 10-zone)
    Underfloor heating actuator (230V, 6-zone)
    Underfloor heating actuator (24V, 10-zone)
    Underfloor heating actuator (24V, 6-zone)
    Blinds actuator (flush-mount)
    Dimmer socket (reverse phase-fired control, flush-mount)
    Blinds actuator (flush-mount)
    Actuator (flush-mount)
    16A actuator (flush-mount)
    Printed circuit board
    DC power supply board
    Dimmer socket (reverse phase-fired control)
    Mains socket
    Mains socket/electricity meter
    Mains socket/electricity meter (CH)
    8-button remote
    Motion detector/twilight sensor (indoors)
    Motion detector/twilight sensor (outdoors)
    Occupancy sensor
    Window handle position sensor
    Temperature/RH sensor (indoors)
    Temperature/RH sensor (display, indoors)
    Temperature/RH sensor (outdoors)
    Water leak detector
    Door/window contact (optical)
    Door/window contact (flush-mount)
    Smoke detector (VdS/Q standard) 
    Wall switch (2 gang)
    Wall switch (6 gang)
    Wall thermostat