IoT-Teamplay: Google Fit und Conrad Connect als smartes Coaching-Duo

Getting active and staying fit isn’t as difficult as you may think. Fact is, getting off the couch and out of the door is one of the hardest challenges involved. And this is exactly what your home automation system can help you with. No need to splash money on extra gear either. All it takes is the Google Fit mobile phone app and a Conrad Connect account. Both of them together act as a smart fitness coach when it comes to setting reasonable achievable goals, and making sure you get there. We show you how to incorporate physical activity into your daily life the smart way, boosting your health and wellness in the process.

google fit and conrad connect

How Google Fit Helps You Stay Motivated

Google Fit is a mobile phone app that tracks your activities and fitness. The app is free, available from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and supports both iOS and Android devices. It records and displays your daily exercise, collecting a range of smart and easy-to-understand readings, the key parameter being the total amount of time that you’ve been active.  In this context, activity doesn’t just mean you doing sports or workouts at a gym. The app also tracks all sorts of other physical efforts, no matter how little, including taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or a quick walk to the village shop instead of using the car. In short, your every move counts. Literally. 

google-fit-integrationconrad connect


Besides recording your overall activity duration, Google Fit also counts your steps, logs the distance you’ve covered and the calories you burnt in the process. What’s more, you don’t even need to get yourself an activity tracker, as Google Fit uses the sensors built into your mobile phone to collect the above data.

Having said this, if you opt for a separate step counter, a smartwatch or body analyzer scales, you can use Google Fit as a hub that allows you to manage the different apps that come with the respective devices. Comes in handy if you’ve got both a private and a company-issued phone, or if you like to mix things up a bit using different brands of activity trackers.

Dynamic Duo: Get Active With Google Fit and Conrad Connect

google fit on screen


Whilst Google Fit takes on the role of a data analyst, Conrad Connect acts as a tireless motivator and cheerleader, using the whole arsenal of modern IoT technology to boost your health and wellbeing the smart way. Below just some of the benefits of using Google Fit on our platform.

  • Setting up smart fitness projects that fit into your everyday life doesn’t require spending money on additional gadgets or gear. All you need is the free app and a device that allows you to receive texts, emails or Telegram notifications. 

  • Our platform supports over 3.000 smart products from more than 70 different brands. And there is our Service Marketplace featuring a large selection of smart service providers. All of which taken together help you set up an automation framework that gets you going and keeps you motivated, using light or music to prompt you into action. 

  • Conrad Connect dashboard widgets allow you to view activity data online. Speaking of which, Google doesn’t offer a browser-based version at the moment but supports data display on both iOS and Android phones.

  • If you are already running smart fitness projects on our platform, Google enables incorporating fitness data collected by apps or products from brands that lack straightforward connectivity with Conrad Connect. For instance, this applies to Apple watches operating Apple’s  Health app.

  • Finally, there is a large number of ready-to-use projects created and shared by the members of our thriving Conrad Connect community. Means if you are looking for inspiration or help when it comes to home automation or smart living as a whole, this is the place to go.

Five Steps to Interconnect Google Fit and Conrad Connect

First thing you have to do is install the Google app on your Android/OS device and set up your profile. Afterwards you need to authorise Conrad Connect to access your Google Fit account.

google apps overview
  1. Log in to your Conrad Connect account. Click the “Product & Services” tag.
  2. Type Google Fit into the search box, or scroll to and click the appropriate tile. 
  3. A new window opens. Click “Authenticate”.
  4. This results in you being redirected to your Google account login page. Log on and choose the email address you want to use for Google Fit.
  5. Click “Allow“. Done.

Repeat Step 1 and 2 if you want to delete the collected fitness data and prevent Conrad Connect from accessing your Google Fit account in the future. You can do this anytime. 

How to Make Google Activity Tracking a Part of Home Automation Routines

Once you’ve got Google Fit running on our platform, nothing’s going to stop you from turning clever ideas into smart projects. If you want to connect Google Fit to one smart device or one smart service only, choose our simplified project editor. This version is aimed at smartphone users. On the other hand, if you intend to set up more complex routines, use our advanced editor that allows you to handle multiple devices or services per project.

google fit

Within this framework, Google’s fitness app basically acts as a sensor that triggers the execution of a routine as soon as a user-defined condition (read activity level) has either been met, or more importantly, still needs to be met on a given day. Which one of the four activity indicators listed below you use is entirely up to you.

  • Accrued activity duration
  • Burnt calories
  • Total distance covered
  • Current step count

Needless to say that you can adapt and amend existing projects whenever you like. Also, sharing your projects on our platform always goes down well with the members of our community. In turn, why not check out and benefit from some of the tried-and-tested setups posted by your fellow users?

Getting a Head Start: Ready-to-use Setups Involving Google Fit

Nothing wrong with saving a bit of time using automation routines shared by Conrad Connect community members when you are just starting out. Import them into your account and tweak them to meet your requirements. Below a few of the growing number of Google Fit project templates available on our platform.

Sonos-Sound für Schluffis und Champions

Sonos Audio for Slackers and Champs

Whenever you return home and still haven’t reached your daily activity goals, your Sonos smart speaker provides the motivational soundtrack to get you into the right mindset. In the case it’s already mission accomplished, sit down, put your feet up and listen to your fav chillax tunes.

Programmänderung für Couch-Potatoes

Getting TV Zombies off the Couch

Most people’s favourite pastime involves a couch and a plasma. However, a Game of Thrones marathon doesn’t burn a lot of calories. Quite the contrary. Means if you are still falling short of your activity goals you’ve set yourself for the day, this project involves a smart mains plug that switches off your TV and uses Google Calendar to schedule some much needed exercise time.

Lampen-Ampel für Kalorienzähler

Calorie Counter Traffic Light

This project helps you keep a healthy weight using smart home lighting to tell you whether you’ve managed to burn the amount of calories you’ve set as your daily goal. Depending on how far away from your goal you are, the smart lighting colour changes to red, amber or green.

SMS-Alarm für den Trainingspartner

Motivational Text from Training Partner

Sometimes the voice of reason needs to be a friend. After all, and despite pretending otherwise, we DO care what others think of us, don’t we? Means if you haven’t reached your daily step count by 5.45 pm, this project notifies your training partner to tell you to get on with it.

Snack-Alarm für Naschkatzen

Candy Alarm for Choc Addicts

If your choc craving  is inversely proportional to your daily calorie allowance, here’s a project that helps you stay off the carbs. It uses a contact fitted to the door of cupboard/drawer you stash you sweets in, setting off an alarm sounder, and, at the same time, switching on a spotlight pointed at a bowl of fruits.

What’s your fitness goal involving the Google app? Also, as the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So, make it smart and make it fun!