IoT-Teamplay: For Whom the Bell Rings. How Ring and Conrad Connect Make Your Home Smarter

Waiting for delivery but somehow managed to miss the postie again? Ring doorbells put paid to that. The clever device combines a bell with a Wi-Fi camera that allows you to grant access to your premises from wherever you are at the moment. It also deters home intruders as they get caught on video. And there’s more. Using Ring products on our platform means adding more features and functions for free. Such as occupancy simulation options when you are out and about, or welcoming friends in style. Here is how it works.

What Ring Video Intercoms Do


Getty Images_iStockphoto_186325079
Let your smart home simulate your presence. For example, with intelligent reactions to a doorbell, because burglars often test whether someone is at home before entering a strange house. Image source: Getty Images_iStockphoto


Ringing the doorbell to check whether someone’s at home is now pretty much a standard procedure used by home intruders across the globe. Ring doorbells with built-in CCTV help you catch these miscreants: the app-operated camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to the interwebs and sends you a text message when someone rings the doorbell. Pressing a button allows you to see and talk to whoever’s on your doorstep. The product comes with built-in two-way audio means you can instruct the delivery guy where to put the parcel, or deter burglars right from the start by just saying “Hello?“

Even if no one rings at the door you still get notified know when someone is approaching your front door since a motion sensor that’s also part of the package. No more missed callers or deliveries, whilst capturing wrongdoers on video in HD or Full HD quality. Some products also feature  IR night vision, making sure whoever is up to no good after dark better be prepared to watch themselves caught in the act on TV in court when facing the judge. Needless to say that Ring also supplies CCTV cameras without built-in doorbells. 

ring Solar-Panel
Ring devices can also be operated with solar panels. On the one hand, this is very convenient. How modern that looks on the other hand, you can see well in the picture here.


When it comes to camera power supply, you’ve got plenty of options: mains, local area network, rechargeable batteries and solar panels. What’s more, Ring products are easy to install. No need to call someone in to do it for you as the set-up doesn’t require any technical knowledge.


Subscribing to a premium cloud service allows you to save, view, share and download CCTV footage. However, purchasing the service isn’t mandatory as doorbell live video can be utilised in a variety of other ways to make your home safer and more comfortable. For instance, interconnecting Ring products on our platform is free.

Boosting Home Safety and Comfort Using Conrad Connect

Ring door video intercoms and CCTV cameras work straight out of the box. And interconnecting Ring products and your other smart products via our free platform gives you access to the full range of available features, allowing you to use doorbells and cameras to trigger a large variety of home automation routines whenever someone calls at your door.  It makes your home both safer and more comfortable.

Below some of the benefits at a glance

  • Ring works with over 4,000 other smart devices by more than 100 brands and a large selection of smart services available from our marketplace. Means endless new possibilities when it comes to putting together a home automation system that meets your needs.

  • Our browser-based project editor makes setting up highly complex automation routines on your smartphone or PC pretty easy.

  • Conrad Connect Dashboard widgets allow you to keep an eye on how your Ring products are performing.

  • Last but not least, there is our thriving Conrad Connect community, providing inspiration or help whenever projects don’t work out as planned.

Three Steps to Interlink Ring and Conrad Connect

  1. The first thing you need to do is set up your Ring device and creating a Ring cloud account on your smartphone after downloading and installing the relevant app (supports Android, iOS and Windows phones).
  2. Log in to your Conrad Connect account using your email address and password. Go to Products & Services and select the Ring product page. Tap “Authenticate”. 
  3. This redirects you to the Ring webpage which allows you to authenticate data exchange between your Ring and Conrad Connect account. Job is done!

Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you want to erase the collected data and prevent Conrad Connect from accessing your account in the future. You can do this anytime.

Smart Automation Projects Involving Ring Products

As a Conrad Connect user, you can build a security system centered around a Ring doorbell or CCTV camera which also includes smart products supplied by other brands. Our project editors make interconnecting different devices and components totally straightforward. If you only want to use one doorbell or CCTV camera together with one other smart device or service, use our simplified editor. This version of the editor has been specially designed for smartphones. However, if you are thinking about more complex automation scenarios, there is our advanced editor which makes putting together projects involving multiple smart devices and services really easy.

ring 5327482 IP-Video-Türsprechanlage
Welcome guests with modern design and practical technology, like here with the Ring 5327482 IP video door phone.


ring 8VR1S5-SEU0 IP-Video-Türsprechanlage
See who's at the door, even when you're away from home, like with the Ring 8VR1S5-SEU0 IP video door phone here.


Below just some examples of what you can do by using Ring products on Conrad Connect.

  • Interlink Ring devices and Sonos smart speakers to set up sound signal notification across your home whenever visitors are approaching your doorstep.
  • Welcome visitors in style: play a Spotify track that fits the occasion or use your Philips Hue smart lighting to create a warm and hospitable atmosphere.
  • Make Spotify turn down the volume automatically when someone is at the door so that you don‘t miss the doorbell.
  • Link your Ring camera to an alarm system to get notified as soon as the door motion detector sets off.
  • Press one button to ensure privacy by using smart in-line sockets to turn off any indoor cameras.
  • Use CCTV to switch on your smart garden lights when movement is detected.

Needless to say that, once created, automation routines are by no means set in stone. You can amend and adapt any project at any time. Also, all other platform users greatly appreciate people choosing to publish their projects on our community pages after they got them up and running at home.

Get Cracking with Ready-to-use Project Templates

Don’t worry. When it comes to boosting smart home security you aren’t left out in the cold. Because there’s an entire community of Conrad Connect users at hand to back you up by sharing ready-to-use project templates. It takes one mouse click to import the templates into your account, and a few Drag & Drop operations to adapt them to your automation needs. Here’s a short selection of projects centered around Ring smart devices:

Welcome visitors in style: Want to greet your guests in a way that fits the occasion? No problem. This project executes an automation routine whenever someone rings the doorbell within a preset period of time, let’s say, between 7 pm and 8 pm. This results in a Tuya smart plug switching on mood lighting, a Trust actuator opening the blinds and LaMetric starting to pump the beats.

Greet guests

Sonos low battery text notifications: some of Ring’s doorbells and cameras are battery-powered which makes them also suitable for areas with no mains supply availability. Goes without saying that Wi-Fi cameras are only able to protect your home around the clock if the batteries aren’t running out of juice. This project notifies you by text and Sonos voice message every time the battery charge levels drop below 20 percent.

sonos project

Motion-triggered occupancy simulation: As soon as a Ring camera detects movement at your doorstep, our platform uses a variety of smart devices to pretend you are at home, deterring  home intruders to get on with their job. Here’s a template that uses TP-Link smart in-line sockets to turn on the TV, to play back the most recent Spotify track you’ve been listening to, and to set off your home alarm (this project uses a Gigaset product). 

project 3

Ring Products with Conrad Connect Compatibility

As of December 2019, our platform works with below Ring video door intercoms and CCTV cameras, allowing you to use a steadily growing number of smart Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled devices  as a part of your automation routines.

  • Video Doorbell
  • Video Doorbell 2
  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • Video Doorbell Elite
  • Door View Cam
  • Indoor Cam
  • Spotlight Cam (Wired)
  • Spotlight Cam (Solar)
  • Spotlight Cam (Battery)
  • Stick Up Cam (Battery)
  • Stick Up Cam (Plug-In)
  • Stick Up Cam (Solar)
  • Stick Up Cam (Elite)
  • Floodlight Cam

Why not hook up Ring products to our platform? No more jumping through hoops to get your hands on your deliveries.  Have fun everyone!