Music In Your Smart Home: Services, Speakers & Accessories

Music and Audio off the Internet of Things: How to Fully Automate Spotify and Sonos

Smart Home Audio: Services, Speakers, Accessories. Automated audio control literally sets the tone both at home and at work. Conrad Connect helps you make the most of Spotify and Sonos.


Life means you will at some point face the music. Not because you have to, but because you want to. And when you do you want to get the most out of it. Smart routines make sure the right soundtrack is playing at the right time -  at home, at the office or on the sales floor. And that at the volume you want. We show you how to use Conrad Connect to maximize listening experience when it comes to streaming services such as Spotify, or Sonos speakers.

Automated Audio Control – Improving Home Comfort and Customer Mood

Sonos Smart Home Automation
There are intelligent speakers with different functions and designs, like here from Sonos

Music streaming services allow you to pick the audio tracks, radio stations or podcasts you like whenever you like. You can choose whether the audio is streamed to a mobile phone, a tablet PC or a smart speaker. You think controlling audio playback via an app or your voice already sounds pretty rad? Well, there’s more. Linking music streaming services or your multiroom audio system to Conrad Connect allows you to automate audio playback both at home and at the workplace.

This may involve your home automation system turning down the music as soon as someone used the video intercom at the front door. Also, why not wake up to your fav tunes every morning, together with a simulated sunrise courtesy of your smart lighting? And when it comes to your workplace, what about music auto-playback during the opening hours of your shop or restaurant?

How about the right mood in the kitchen? Image by fizkes-shutterstock
Or party at the push of a button - e.g. as a surprise. Image by SeventyFour-shutterstock

Speakers set up in smart buildings can do more than just play music. They also provide information and make customer announcements. For instance, smart speakers can read out the latest weather forecast,  remind you it’s time to put our your jogging shoes on when you are due for a bit of exercise, play a welcome message every time someone comes into your shop, or tell customers about deals and discounts that are on offer today. And that’s only a tiny fraction of what smart audio solutions are capable of. If you want to automate audio playback all you need to do is choose the appropriate products and services and interconnect them. Conrad Connect supports an ever-increasing number of smart speakers, compatible services and smart home appliances.       

Using Conrad Connect to Automate Spotify

Spotify Smart Home Automation
Play Spotify on the phone, computer or
over a loudspeaker play

Spotify, one of the pioneers of music streaming, gives users access to millions of tunes – anywhere on the planet, at any time. Streaming isn’t just limited to mobile devices such as smartphones. Spotify also supports a software interface that enables interconnecting other cloud-based services which enables Spotify premium subscribers to use Conrad Connect to make music an integral part of their day-to-day life.

Embedding Spotify in one of your projects lets you use sensors to enable audio playback control. Means your home automation system can automatically start or pause playback, skip or replay tracks on a playlist, and turn the volume up or down. 

Conrad Connects‘ rule editor makes creating projects involving Spotify an easy and straightforward process. However, why not check out some of the projects shared among our community first – someone might have come up with something that fits your needs. If so, the only thing you need to do is do a drag-and-drop to import the project into your account. 

If you want to use the above routines you need a Spotify premium account first. Afterwards, control Spotify via Conrad Connect using any  Wi-Fi–enabled device linked to your home automation system, including mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, any smart speaker supporting Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa as well as other smart  Wi-Fi speaker brands.

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Smart Home Stereo: Sonos Multiroom Audio

Sonos in different rooms Smart Home Automation
The new smart speakers, like those from Sonos, fit well thanks to their
unobtrusive design into every room - whether living room, bedroom,
kitchen or children's room

If you want to stream off multiple music services or fancy listening to tracks in Wi-Fi quality, Sonos speakers are an excellent option when it comes to projects on Conrad Connect that involve audio.

Sonos’s Home Sound System allows you to choose from a range of different speaker sizes to listen to music, radio stations and podcasts in top-notch quality. Sonos products are aimed at multiroom set-ups that enable listening to your favorite albums or tracks across your entire home. Needless to say that you can also play back a different playlist in each room if you wish. The Sonos app supports both iOS and Android devices and offers over 70 different music streaming services. Sonos have also made a name for themselves when it comes to manufacturing high-quality audio equipment featuring razor-sharp treble and punchy bass.

Sonos entire multiroom product line is fully compatible with our platform, including Play 1, Play 3, Play 5 Sonos One as well as the company’s Playbase, Playbar and Beam TV speakers. Sonos also supplies a subwoofer. Moreover, the Sonos Connect amplifier allows incorporating older pre-Wi-Fi audio equipment into your local area network. Also, both Sonos One and Beam come with built-in Alexa support. Voice control of all other Sonos products via Alexa requires connecting Amazon Echo and adding Sonos skill to the app. 

Like Spotify, Sonos is able to interact with smart sensors via Wi-Fi which allows starting, pausing, and resuming audio playback, skipping and replaying tracks and turning the volume up or down. 

Means you can either create your own audio projects using our rule editor or import and adapt projects shared by other Conrad Connect users. Below some nifty solutions, our community has come up with.

Sonos With Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation
Sonos talks with the text-to-speech feature from Conrad Connect

What's up? “Sonos Talks!“ Knows

Sonos on Conrad Connect can do much more than select playlists, temporarily pause tracks and resume playback afterward, or control the audio volume. A text-to-speech service turns the smart speaker into a smart assistant.

This involves creating voice notifications played back by the speakers as soon something important happens in your home or building. Also includes getting a weather forecast at a preset time of the day, or an appointment reminder when you are due to head out for a meeting. The service is called “Sonos Talks!”, is available on Conrad Connect Marketplace and requires a subscription.   

Using this premium service requires integrating the ”Sonos Talks!” actuator into the rule editor. In order to do so, either create a new project or utilize one of the projects shared in our community (a few examples are listed below):

LaMetric Time Radio Alarm Clock – Keeping You Up-to-Date

LaMetric Smart Home Automation
The WLAN clock by LaMetric is doing well on
the desk or next to the bed as an alarm clock

The LaMetric Time radio alarm clock is a unique type of smart speaker. It comes with a LED front screen that displays a wide range of preset and real-time content including news, weather and notifications sent by your smart home system. Really handy when you place this compact and stylish gadget on your desk. Goes without saying that all sorts of audio playback are also part of the LaMetric package.

LaMetric Time comes with an iOS/Android mobile app that lets you set up the device and make changes whenever necessary. Data transfer happens via Wi-Fi. Like any other smart product, the clock can be interlinked on our platform by connecting your LaMetric account to your Conrad Connect account. Afterwards, use the clock in any CC project you want. If you aren’t sure how to do this, below some templates shared by community members.

Sonos Audio Remote Control
At the touch of a button: Same music in all
rooms or different tracks for each one

Smart Home Audio Remote Control

Sitting down, putting your feet up,  letting your home automation system take care of audio entertainment –  it doesn’t get any comfier than this. However, sometimes doing things old-school is still on, for instance, when you simply can’t be bothered getting off the couch, looking for your mobile phone and fiddle around with apps. This is where a classic handheld remote comes in handy that lets you start Spotify and Sonos playlists by pressing Wi-Fi buttons and other wireless switches. To set-up things, use Conrad Connect, either creating your own project or picking one of the shared ones that do what you are looking for.

Control Several Devices with Remote control
Control several devices - here with the WLAN
Remote control Logitech Harmony HUB

If you operate a complex home automation system, Logitech’s Harmony universal remote control series together with the Harmony Hub is certainly something worth looking into:  these products allow highly-customised set-ups including both home entertainment equipment such as TV sets or tuners and a wide range of smart home appliances. 

First step: get the Logitech iOS/Android app and set up the required activities. Then open Conrad Connect’s rule editor and interlink these activities with other smart home devices. Once you’ve done that you can manually turn equipment on and off by remote or Logitech app. What’s more, like the Logitech remote accesses a cloud-based service, this allows using the app to create Conrad Connect projects involving TV brands that aren’t compatible with our platform. Below some TV-related projects already shared by CC community members: