New feature release - action button on Conrad Connect


New feature - action button

In order to make it easier to create projects, we merged Do-projects with normal projects that you were creating in the graphic editor. Do-project section is removed and instead you can find the action button on the upper left side of the project graphic editor.

The action button works in the same way as the Do-project - projects which include an action button can be activated either by a click on the project preview or a voice command through Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Tukuoro app. While using the voice command, please use the name of the project as a trigger. For example, if your project name is "Good morning", you could activate the project with Amazon Alexa by saying: "Alexa, start good morning with Conrad Connect". Keep in mind that you will have to activate respective Conrad Connect skill to be able to do so.


Project "good morning"

Start your day with an ease

This project helps you jump start your day with a click of a button or a single voice command. Once activated the project turns on your lights, turns on your radio via smart plug and heats up your bathroom .

What do you need?

-  Smart thermostates, e.g.Honeywell

-  Smart plug for the Radio, e.g. Innogy

- Smart lights e.g Philips hue

Let's start - connect devices

Login to Conrad Connect and go to "Devices and Services". For each device click on the image for that device and follow the instructions. 


Import Project "Good morning" 

1. Go to  "Public Projects" and search for "good morning".

2. Click "Import Project" and adjust the devices if necessary. If you like you can name the project as you wish.

3. Then click "Import Project". 

4. Done.

Of course, you can change the project after you imported it. You can adjust the parameters and add different devices.


Overview of the project


Happy automating!