Now available: battery sensor in many devices

Conrad Connect makes the integrated battery sensor now available to you for many brands and devices.
This includes thermostats, smoke detectors, water leak sensors, intrusion (contact; motion; presence) sensors, door locks as well as weather stations and can be used with the following brands: Cloudmatic, Egardia, Gigaset, Innogy, Honeywell, Nest, Nuki, Netatmo. You will find more details about the devices below.

This allows you to be informed immediately if a battery is empty soon or - even more practical - the devices can reorder their batteries directly independently:

With the Smart Ordering Service, your compatible devices can place automatic orders at the online shops Conrad Electronic, Otto, Digitalo, SMDV, SnackBaron, Voelkner and And the whole thing does not cost you more than a classic order in the respective online shop.


You then do not have to worry about anything more than to click the confirmation link in the e-mail or SMS. The devices independently check if and when they need replenishment. In this way, you are always ideally prepared for battery changes, because the devices regularly check their battery state of charge and can use this measured value as a trigger to automatically initiate an order of batteries. This happens every time when the battery sensor signals that the battery is weak. You just confirm the purchase with one click in the confirmation e-mail or SMS.

For which devices you can now use the battery sensor in your projects, please refer to the following table:

table devices