One API. The Entire IoT. How Conrad Connect Helps You Grow Your Business.

Getting access to the Internet of Things (IoT) is actually much easier than you may think: using an open interface linking to cloud services makes becoming part of the Conrad Connect ecosystem pretty straightforward for hardware supplies and services providers. It only takes a couple of steps to connect your smart devices and services to one of the leading IoT platforms in Europe, thereby immensely boosting the potential of your business model. We show you how to do it, and how your business will  benefit from it as a result.

Efficient, Smooth and Totally Pro: This App Loves the Cloud

Currently, our platform supports smart devices and services by more than 100 brands. Up to now, it’s been us who made technology and services compatible on a case-by-case basis. However, considering a rapidly growing interest in embedding services, we now offer a much quicker way to get started, allowing developers to integrate IoT-enabled products themselves via our Developer Portal. Our Provider API is based on the REST approach optimised for web-based services which makes embedding cloud-supported IoT-products as easy as it gets, helping software developers save valuable time. Means that large-sized companies will benefit as much from Conrad Connect integration as will independent developers operating on a limited budget.

In nur wenigen Schritten integrieren Sie Ihre smarten Geräte und Services komfortabel in Europas führende IoT-Plattform und erweitern somit die Chancen für Ihr Geschäftsmodell erheblich.

Effizient, nahtlos und professionell: Diese API liebt die Cloud

Geräte und Services von bereits über 100 Marken sind mit Conrad Connect kompatibel. Bisher haben wir die Kompatibilität individuell hergestellt. Das Interesse an einer Integration ist aber so groß, dass wir Ihnen ab sofort einen schnelleren Einstieg ermöglichen. Daher können Entwickler ihre IoT-Angebote im Developer Portal eigenständig umsetzen und anpassen. Weil unsere Provider API auf dem für Web-Services optimierten REST-Ansatz basiert, lassen sich moderne, Cloud-gestützte IoT-Angebote besonders leicht integrieren. Das spart Ihren Software-Entwicklern wertvolle Zeit. Dadurch können sowohl größere Unternehmen als auch unabhängige Entwickler mit begrenzten Ressourcen von den Vorteilen einer Integration in Conrad Connect profitieren.

Seven Ways to Profit from Conrad Connect Integration

The extent of added value provided by your innovative IoT devices and services depends on the range of possible applications of the respective product or service, and the number of people who are using it. Below seven reasons why embedding your cloud interface into our platform boosts your IoT business opportunities.

  • Maximum market exposure, minimum development time: Why wait until other brands develop products that come with cloud compatibility when you can get access to the whole Internet of Things on your own? Our easy-to-use REST API connects your solution to about 600,000 other IoT-compatible devices.
  • Quality business leads: Conrad Connect integration ensures your marketing activities getting the attention of more than 450,000 registered platform users.
  • Low upfront costs: The free Conrad Connect basic user account results in you immediately presenting your product or service in the context of solutions offered by other brands. This maximises your changes of gaining a steadily growing number of users.
  • Passive feature gains: A continually expanding Conrad Connect ecosystem means more providers offering exciting new products being added all the time. Which results in an ever-increasing choice of features and functions available to you and your customers.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Customers opting for your products and services on Conrad Connect are more likely to be active IoT users and, therefore, to be interested in upgrades.
  • Public or in-house: Conrad Connect allows you to choose whether to give customers access to platform features and functions, or whether to keep things strictly within your company.
  • Benefits of innovation: We constantly strive to improve our platform. This continually widens the range of uses of your products and services, and boosts customer experience.

Solutions Aimed at Business Users: Easy IoT Monitoring via Interactive Floorplan

From now on, Conrad Connect Professional subscribers can access our new interactive floor plan that uses a dashboard to show the location and status of all your smart IoT devices interlinked via the platform. Really comes in handy for any surveillance or maintenance tasks in and around your company. Which sensor detects an open window? Where’s the smoke alarm that needs its battery replaced? Well, just check out the dashboard.

Übersichtliches IoT-Monitoring mit interaktivem Floorplan mit Hilfe von Conrad Connect

Four Steps to Embed Your Products and Services

You’ve got the tech. And we provide the infrastructure. Embedding your products can be done at any time, using the Developer Portal that supplies all tools and assets required to make your IoT project a success. The set-up process comprises four steps:



code review


Open an account: Sign up for a free account and read our user terms and conditions. Does your IoT product or service meet the requirements? If so, go ahead!

Integration: Get in touch to tell us about your goals. Afterwards we‘ll give you full access to our API and provide all the user manuals. Nothing’s stopping you now.

Review: If you are done, submit your set-up, and our team is going to have a look at it.

Approval and going public: If everything turns out as it should, your project goes live and will be immediately available to the entire Conrad Connect user community.

What Do Developers Make of It? “Easy and Smooth Setup.“

Every successful integration really gives us a boost. Means we want to keep the setting-up procedures as simple as possible. To ensure practicability, we decided to collaborate with developers at CloudRain, a start-up company specialising in smart garden irrigation, who were among the first businesses using our new Provider API to embed their products into our platform. And this is what Henry Bröker, founder and CEO of CloudRain, thinks of the process:

“Interconnecting the CloudRain smart garden irrigation system and Conrad Connect was a quick and smooth procedure. Conrad Connect comes with some unique features that allow our customers to establish smart yet easy-to-use links to the smart home ecosystem. We are happy to be part of it, and really appreciate the outstanding technical support we received during setting things up.”

Want to embed your IoT solution into our platform, too? Why not do your own cloud integration using our Developer Portal right now?