Conrad Connect event saison 2019

Opening the event season 2019

In May the festival season finally starts! OK, we probably will not be at the Fusion, nor the Hurricane, SPLASH !, MELT! or at the Lollapalooza. But there are also some awesome events for us in the near future:

Alone this month, the Industry Forward Summit, the Bosch Connected World and the award ceremony of the SmartHome Germany Award 2019 in Berlin, as well as the New Energy Summit in Amsterdam, are coming up!

At the Industry Forward Summit, at the New Energy Summit and at the award ceremony of the SmartHome Germany Award 2019 you will see Conrad Connect on stage! At the last mentioned event we are nominated in the category "best project" with our Smart Living model project "Smart Kindergarten" and of course, hope to take the award home (or better to the office)! We are looking forward to some exciting events in May:

Industry Forward Summit

Under the motto "Everything smart can be connected", Andreas Bös, Senior Director at Conrad Connect, will hold a talk on Stage 16 on May 16, at 10:50. The talk "Customer Centric Transformation @ Conrad" presents the possibilities of the IoT platform and how it dissolves barriers, especially in the smart home area.

New Energy Summit

Peter Kiss, head of the Business Development Team at Conrad Connect, will speak on May 28 in the Morning Session 2 “Integrating Connected Home Devices”, on challenges that currently need to be addressed in the field of smart living, and to what Conrad Connect delivers solutions for product manufacturers, service providers and finally the customer.

SmartHome Germany Award 2019

We are among the top three projects that have been nominated for the SmartHome Germany Award 2019 after a first preselection. A jury will announce on May 29 in the “Rote Rathaus” (city hall) in Berlin, which place we have reached. Either way, we are already very proud that our smart living model project "Smart Kindergarten" is one of the top three projects. Read more about the "Smart Kindergarten" here.