Otto Ready - Automated Order Placement. No Smart Appliances Required.

Loaded the dishwasher but ran out of tablets? Sucks, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to happen in your 21st century smart home though. Because Otto Ready makes sure you won’t run out of supplies. And using the Otto online shopping app together with Conrad Connect Smart Ordering means you don’t need a smart dishwasher either. Curious? This is how it works. 

What Otto Ready Does

Otto’s online shopping app interlinks web-enabled household appliances and online mail-order retailers owned by Otto Group. Once properly set up, your Bosch, Neff or Siemens coffee makers, washing machine and dishwasher are going to remind you to restock when consumables are running low. The required products then end up in Otto’s online shopping cart in quantities chosen beforehand. All you need to do is confirm the order.  And if you don’t use smart appliances? No problem at all. Our platform makes sure you are able to use this handy IoT-based service, too.

Conrad Connect Makes Placing Repeat Orders Easy – Free Shipping Included

Otto is the latest online retailer joining forces with our platform, now being ready to include in your smart ordering projects. What’s more, in order to do so you don’t need to spend money on smart appliances. Just keep using what you’ve already got at home. Placing orders is done by voice command, or by pressing a button on the Conrad Connect webpage displayed in a mobile phone browser.  It also works with a smart switch

The service is free of charge, you only pay for the products. And here’s the kicker. If you place Otto Ready orders through our platform, shipping is free. 
Also, don’t worry about buying things accidentally. We send you an email and a text message that contains a confirmation link, and the list of products you are about to order. Orders will be passed on to Otto only after you have clicked the link. 


10 Steps to Set up the Smart Ordering Routine

1. Log in to your Conrad Connect account, click the “Add-ons & Services” tag and select the Otto Ready tile.

2. Tick the two boxes. Click “Subscribe”, and then “Authenticate”.


3. This results in you being redirected to your account login page. Enter your login details. Click “Sign in”.

4. Back on the Conrad Connect page, click Continue and create a list of required products. You can choose from dishwasher tabs, rinse aids, cleaners and dishwasher salts. This saves you time and effort as you don’t need to refer to user manuals or browse the online shop to find the product you want. Click “Continue” and save the selected settings. You can modify the list of products at any time.



5. Time to create a shopping routine that places orders on Go to the project editor and open the list of available actuators. Drag and drop the newly added Otto Ready actuator in the project field. 

6. Go to “Product” in the dropdown menu on the right-hand side. Choose the item you want to purchase. Select the required quantities.


7. From the list of sensors, pick an action button and drag and drop it in the project field. Then connect the actuator to the button.


8. Click “Save project”. Choose a project title and add a description. Click “Save project” again.


9. You are now ready to go. Connect the action button to a Wi-Fi switch, or to one of the dashboard gadgets, to trigger automatic order placement. Alternatively, set up a voice-activated ordering process via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. In doing so, make both the term “order” and the project name part of the command phrase, e.g. “Alexa, order dishwasher tablets”. 

10. If you place an order via the action button you get a system-generated email and  text message containing a order confirmation request. Otto will only process your orders after having obtained your explicit consent.

Even more smart shopping choices

Otto isn‘t the only retailer that has joined up with us to provide this type of purchasing option. Below listed companies are among a steadily growing number of businesses that offer smart purchasing services.

Setting up web-based fast automated repeat ordering routines makes your live a lot easier, and your home even smarter. So, are you ready to use Otto Ready?  Have fun!