Outta Supplies? Automated Restocking Using Conrad Connect Smart Ordering

Just used up your last ink cartridge and can’t remember the product specs? Are smoke detector batteries empty, too? Happens to the best. However, these days, getting your hands on the next batch of consumables doesn’t need to take up as much time as it did in the old days. Actually, thanks to Conrad Connect, re-stocking is now done by just clicking a button, saying a couple of words, or by even doing nothing at all as many smart devices are capable of placing orders for essentials entirely on their own. How? It’s called Smart Ordering, sourcing products from online shops including Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMFV, Voelkner, SnackBaron (*) and müsli.de. Also, no need to worry about your smart home accidentally going on an expensive shopping spree: all orders require your consent before being placed.

Conrad Smart Ordering Service
Digitalo Smart Ordering Service
SMDV Smart Ordering Service
Voelkner Smart Ordering Service
Müsli.de Smart Ordering Service
SnackBaron Smart Ordering Service

    How Conrad Connect Smart Ordering Makes Your Life Easier

    Unlike Amazon’s Dash Button option, our Smart Ordering service involves you getting an email or a text message containing a link that shows you the products in your shopping cart. You need to confirm your purchase by clicking the link to place the order with Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMDV, Voelkner, SnackBaron (*) or Müsli.de.

    Fair enough, we aren’t the first to come up with a smart ordering service. For example, HP has been operating automated ink cartridge purchases for their OfficeJet line for quite some time now. However, whilst HP’s recurrent order services are limited to their products, our platform allows you smart-order consumables from a wide range of common brands.

    Orders may be placed in a variety of ways. For instance, buy what’s needed yourself utilising a preset purchase routine executed by a mouse click or voice command. Alternatively, let your smart devices do the ordering whenever their batteries, stocks etc are running low, using product specs and delivery options you’ve chosen beforehand. Setting up smart ordering is a piece of cake. Also, you pay the regular price for each product, no extra service charge applies.

    service marketplace smart ordering service

    Smart Ordering isn’t limited to certain products. You can purchase whatever is  available from the online shop. In terms of smart living, this involves placing orders for  

    • printer ink, toners and paper;
    • replacement brushes for Bluetooth toothbrushes;
    • batteries powering smoke detectors, thermostats and CCTV cameras;
    • smart light bulbs to expand your existing smart lighting one piece at a time;
    • power strips and cable extensions for additional smart home hubs;
    • brushes and filters for robotic vacuum cleaners;
    • mobile phone charging cables because you managed to lose yet another one;
    • wet wipe display cleaners for devices with touch-screens; 
    • dishwasher tabs;
    • coffee maker pods;
    • your fav breakfast cereal to keep you fuelled during the day. 

    This helps you save time and effort as you no longer need to dig out the user manual and then scroll through zillions of products online to track down the one that does the job. As smart ordering over the internet is basically a semi-automated process, it is fast which makes your life easier and your smart home even smarter.

    Smart Ordering: How to Get Started 

    At the moment, our smart ordering service allows you to source products from a range of Germany-based online shops, namely Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMDV, Voelkner, SnackBaron (*) and Müsli.de, with more webshops from across Germany and elsewhere about to be added as we speak.

    The two things you’ll need to get your smart ordering routine up and running are

    •    your online customer account number. If you’ve already have  an online account with Conrad, Digtialo, SMDV, Voelkner, SnackBaron (*) or Müsli .de, log on and look up your account number on the profile section; 

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Konto Conrad

    •    a delivery address in Germany.

    Set up Conrad Smart Ordering Service for free
    Set up Digitalo Smart Ordering Service for free
    Set up SMDV Smart Ordering Service for free
    Set up Voelkner Smart Ordering Service for free
    Set up Müsli.de Smart Ordering Service for free
    Set up SnackBaron Smart Ordering Service for free

    How to Set up Smart Ordering on an Internet Shopping Site

    1. Go to our Service Marketplace and select the Smart Ordering option of the shop you want purchase products from (available at the moment: Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMDV, Voelkner, SnackBaron (*) and Müsli.de). Tick two boxes, click SUBSCRIBE and then just follow the instructions. You get a series of pop-up windows asking you for all required details such as delivery address, billing address, and preferred payment option.  You’ll only need to provide this information once.

    service marketplace sos

    2. If applicable, select another online shop and repeat above steps.

    3. Next thing to do is to create at least one project that involves online smart ordering. From now on, the CC rule editor, the ACTUATOR menu will display a Conrad Order tag. Click the tag to open the dropdown menu that contains a lists all smart ordering services you selected above. 

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Aktor Liste

    4. Drag and drop the shop actuator in the project field.

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service action button

    5. Select an action button from the Sensors menu and drop it in the project field. Interconnect shop actuator and action button. The action button triggers the smart ordering routine. You can activate the action button via a Wi-Fi switch, the Conrad Connect dashboard, and an  Alexa or Google Assistant voice command. You can also allow a smart device to do it on is one. 

    6. Click the actuator and add product code and quantity of the required products. Look up the product code of each item in the relevant online shop.

    Conrad Smart Ordering Service Produkt wählen

    7. Done. Means from now on, whenever you activate the action button, an order for the chosen products will be placed, and you’ll get an email and a text message requesting an order confirmation. As a rule, online shops will only process you order after you confirmed your order.

    Placing Orders Manually Vs. Automated Ordering. The Choice Is Yours.

    Orders are placed using what we call an Action Button. Basically, action buttons are a functional component used in Conrad Connect projects to trigger a user-defined routine. The virtual action buttons  can be linked to voice commands, a real tangible Wi-Fi button, or a mouse click.

    There are two different ways to use action buttons to add products to your shopping cart. One of them is using the button to manually execute the order routine. The other uses sensor signals of smart devices to place orders.    

    Using Action Buttons for Manual Order Placement

    Using action buttons to order consumables or spares manually offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows you to purchase petty much each and every product listed in the selected online shop. Moreover, you can choose between a wide range of ways to trigger the ordering process. Below a selection of what types of triggers are available to you when placing orders manually via an action button.

    • myStrom Wi-Fi buttons;
    • Mobile Alerts wireless wall switches;
    • Amazon Echo smart speakers;
    • Google Home smart speakers supporting Google Assistant;
    • Tukuoro voice command app supporting Conrad Connect;
    • Browser-based by clicking “Trigger” on you Conrad Connect project view page ;Browser-based by clicking the action button widget on the dashboard.

    Automated Order Placement for Consumables 

    The other way to purchase consumables is allowing smart devices to place orders themselves whenever necessary. This means you don’t have to do anything apart from clicking the order confirmation link contained in an email or text message. The relevant devices use their sets of built-in sensors to determine when stocks are running low. Makes devices shutting down because of batteries running out of juice a thing of the past.

    One of a series of simple projects to help you get the hang of what smart ordering entails involves the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Since the detector continually checks the level of its battery, you can use this parameter to auto-order a replacement as soon as the battery charge drops below a certain level. You just need to confirm the order. The corresponding Conrad Connect project looks like this.

    sos conrad nest

    Smart car adapters work pretty much like smart detectors, the main difference being that it is the vehicle battery that is monitored, and not their own power supply. Over time, all car batteries tend to lose their storage capacity despite of, or rather as a result of, being continuously recharged. You decide at which battery level the smart car adapter places an order for a replacement product. If you don’t intend to change the battery yourself, just modify the project, to get a text or email telling you that it’s time to arrange for your car to be serviced at a garage or dealership. 

    Want to find out more about how to use smart ordering within a home automation or smart office environment? Find lots of project ideas here.

    Our automated ordering process constitutes a first step towards Smart Retailing v2.0 that aims to make consumer life much easier. Currently, we are working hard to increase the number of online retailers that support  smart ordering, both in this and in other countries. So, watch this space. Until then, keep it smart.

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    (*) SnackBaron Smart Ordering only works in combination with a smart button at the moment.