Peaceable morning with LIFX

Peaceable morning with LIFX

The way you wake up can dictate the course your entire day will take. Starting the day with a rush and stressed can be a bad idea to encounter a busy workday. On the other hand, waking up comfortably with serenity can give you the energy to face the new day with enthusiasm.

So, think about how amazing it would be to wake up with your room smoothly lighted by lights that will reproduce outside climate. If it's raining you will awake with a soft blue light. If it's a warm sunny day, you will awake with a gentle orange light. In a fog day, green lights will wake you up. Now, add desired temperature in the bathroom for a full luxury. The thermostat will switch on in the bathroom as soon as you wake up and automatically switched off in 30 min while you are having breakfast in the kitchen. The possibilities are huge!


All of this is  easily possible if you have a Conrad Connect account, LIFX smart lamps, and smart thermostat compatible with Conrad Connect (e.g Honeywell thermostat)! Don't you have an account? It takes less than a minute. Register for free now! 

To get you started as soon as possible you can import our project in your account and adjust it based on your needs for your perfect morning routine. 

Here is how to do it:


1. Login to the platform and go to public projects under the 'Projects' section on the top navigation bar

2. Search and select "cosy morning"

3. Click on 'Import Project'

4. Adjust the times, temperature and simply save in your account

Done! Now you are ready to start your day the best way: joyful!