Shaping the future of IoT with the Developer Portal

Go to the competition

Are you a Developer with creative ideas for Smart Home & IoT but don't know where and how to test them? Then the Conrad Connect Developer Portal is just the right playground for you. The portal is created from developers and for developers in order to enable you to quickly test your new ideas and even profit from them. Find ways to combine Smart Home devices with real-time services and let more than 370 000 people use it. Ordering a Pizza by the voice command or calling firemen when the smart smoke detector goes on are just a few examples of what's possible.

Why not give it a try? It's free, it provides a ready-made infrastructure for developing new things and you will be able to get experience in the latest cutting edge IoT technology. 

With the Service Marketplace, we are the first Smart Living platform that bridges the gap between smart devices and real-life services. For example, smart fire alarms, water leak sensors or WIFI-plugs are combined with a security-assistance service or electricity comparison services, or with a service for the automated ordering of consumer goods. For the user, this results in a level of automation that has never been there. And for IoT enthusiasts, unlimited connections of smart devices into the real world are made, because the Service Marketplace is anything but a closed system.

Bring your own IoT service ideas to life

If you have the appropriate coding knowledge, for example in Node.js and HTML, you already have all the prerequisites to be a pioneer in IoT service ideas. The Developer Portal has everything you need to publish your own ideas on the Conrad Connect platform. There are developer tools and infrastructure available - and of course thousands of smart devices. The software solutions will work with Conrad Connect-enabled smart devices and web services without trouble.


Realize idea and profit 

The advantages for developers:

  • The Developer Portal is completely free
  • The IoT services will be released to over 370,000 users
  • Earn money through the service since the Stripe Feature Release
  • Competencies in the field are more and more important and we created an environment in which these skills can be trained
  • Win a contest with your own service and receive vouchers worth up to € 1000

Invent. Code. Launch. Win.

How would you like a goal ticker for your favourite club, that tells you with coloured lights if your club or the other team has scored a goal and then plays a party track on the Sonos? Imagination knows no limits!

Program and publish a service by 31st August and win Conrad shopping vouchers worth 1000 Euro, 500 Euro and 200 Euro! For this, the service must be handed in by 16 August 2019 at the latest to be reviewed before it can be published.

Everyone can participate, either as an individual or as a team. Companies or other legal person are excluded from participation, but of course, they can also use our Developer Portal.

That's how it's done:

  1. Send us a registration email to!
    Please note that your participation will not be valid without a confirmed registration.
  2. Sign up to the Conrad Connect and to the Developer Portal
    Do not worry, both is free to use! Please browse both platforms to have a good understanding on the possibilities.

  3. Develop a service idea and start working on it!
    You can be inspired by the examples on Conrad Connect and on the Developer Portal, but try to make it unique!

Support is available via the help channel in the Developer Portal (our team is happy to help if you want your ideas to be reviewed (recommended) or if there are technical problems).