Smart City: E-MAKS und ITG testen die IoT-Plattform Conrad Connect

Smart City: E-MAKS and ITG evaluate Conrad Connect IoT Platform

IoT platform provider Conrad Connect, the Infrastruktur-Trägergesellschaft mbH (ITG) and E-MAKS GmbH & Co. KG (E-MAKS) are looking into joining forces to deliver Smart City solutions.

Automated people counting, smart parking, building security: E-MAKS and ITG collaboratively implement ground-breaking smart city applications. As a part of the EU-funded project "Vernetzte Industrie", both companies are now examining the innovative IoT platform operated by Conrad Connect with respect to entering into a partnership.

Smart City: Challenges and Solutions

When it comes to rolling out smart city solutions, providers need to take into account a wide variety of hardware and software components. Managing, visualising, monitoring and automating these solutions is definitely a challenge. Usually, this means either opting for low-interoperability solutions, or adapting third party applications, both of which tends to drain resources and affect core operations.

This is where Conrad Connect comes in, a central IoT platform that automates and manages normalised data sets provided by very different sources. It enables visualisation and monitoring of all relevant information in real-time via customisable dashboards and floorplans. This is a straightforward way to interconnect and operate a wide range of different systems and IoT components using a main hub. Conrad Connect helps breaking down data silos and minimises the number of operational friction points, also providing a consistent user interface for all IoT solutions in the process. 


Conrad Connect: Key Element of the Project "Vernetzte Industrie"

Philipp Schandelmaier-Treick, project leader at E-MAKS, is enthusiastic about the recent collaboration. “Choosing Conrad Connect means opting for a flexible and state-of-the-art IoT platform. As a result, we are able to focus entirely on our core competency. As a main data hub with plenty of graphical display and automation features, Conrad Connect constitutes a key element of the project “Vernetzte Industrie".”

Beyond simply providing the IoT platform, we also assist E-MAKS in quickly and efficiently customizing it with regard to the unique needs of their customers. I am already looking forward to seeing the joint range of use cases grow, which will be continuously expanded based on individual demand," adds Helmut Schäller, Senior B2B Solution Specialist at Conrad Connect.

About ITG and E-MAKS
ITG specialises in energy optimization and modernization of infrastructure. Projects are centred around a more efficient use of resources and increased innovation readiness, thereby also utilising existing plant across SW Germany’s Südlicher Oberrhein region, namely Ortenau District, Emmendingen District, Breisgau Black Forest District, Lörrach District and Freiburg City Council.

E-MAKS GmbH & Co. KG is jointly owned by Badenova AG & Co. KG and Thüga AG which makes the company a reliable partner for clients from all across the energy management sector. E-MAKS provides industrial-grade solutions for grid and energy data management, market communication, customer support, invoicing and debtor management. Moreover, E-MAKS offer IoT services tailored to customer needs that include taking remote heat and underground water meter readings and many other tasks.