Smart control access to meeting rooms with Tapkey

Smart control access to meetings with Tapkey

New on Conrad Connect: Smart Locks from Tapkey


Forgot your keys? You don't need to worry anymore. With Tapkey, you will carry your virtual set of keys with you, always in no other place then within your smartphone. 

It doesn't matter if you want to check if your kids got home alright, or if you would like to unlock the front door for repairmen while you are away. With the Tapkey App you are always in control. Encryption at online banking level included!
Through the integration with Conrad Connect you get various possibilities for smart projects with Tapkey locks.

Find out more about Tapkey

Project "Smart Office"


This project helps you secure the office and enables efficient energy management.  With the Conrad Connect platform you can use the smart door locks from our new partner Tapkey, connect them with the thermostats from Honeywell and control them via Google Calendar.

Once you have importet the project "Smart Office", all you have to do is create a meeting event in the calendar and the project will take care of the security and the heating itself.  The smart thermostats will switch on in time to warm the room  for the meeting and the door lock grants access to the people who were invited to the event. When they receive a meeting invitation they will also get a digital key on their smartphone to be able to enter the room.

You can read more about the Conrad Connect and Tapkey partnership here.

What you need for the project:

- Tapkey smart locks

- Honeywell thermostate

- Google Calendar

Get started - connect devices

Login on the platform and go to the Devices & Services page. Click on the product you want to connect and follow the instructions.


How to import and use the project

1. Go to the projects page and click on "public projects".

2. Search for a project called "Smart Office". 

3. Click on "Import project". You can change the name of the project upon the import.

4.  Click on "Import project". Done! 


Overview of the project "Smart Office"


Have fun with automating!