Smart Heating made easy

Smart Heating

Combine various smart devices to control your heating in the most intelligent way to keep your energy bill low while maintaining an ideal room temperature. This smart routine also differentiates between weekdays and weekends. 

Through smart door sensors this project detects when you leave your house in the morning for work. This will trigger the heating to decrease the temperature while you are not at home.


Project "Smart Heating"

Smart control your heating to save energy 

For this project you need intelligent thermostates, e.g. from Honeywell and connect them with Conrad Connect. Then set them up according to your needs. In this case it means to increase your rooms' temperature one hour before you get up and before you come home in the evening. 

The project also includes a smart door sensor. When you leave the house for work it will trigger the heating to lower the temperature. 

When you go to bed the temperature will be lowered automatically. On Weekends the routine will differ a bit as the heating period starts later and the temperature will be constant during the day. 

This intelligent routine ensures that your flat will be always well heated without wasting energy while avoiding that it will cool down too much.

You can also start (or stop) additional heating routines through voice control, Amazon Alex or Google Home, or the dashboard.

What do you need?

-  Smart thermostates, e.g.Honeywell

-  Smart door-/window sensors, e.g. Innogy#

Let's start

Login to Conrad Connect and go to "Devices and Services". For each device click on the image for that device (e.g. Honeywell Thermostate and Innogy door-/window sensors) and follow the instructions. 


Import Project "Smart Heating" 

1. Go to  "Public Projects" and click on "Smart Heating".

2. Click "Import Project" and adjust the devices if necessary. If you like you can name the project as you wish.

3. Then click "Import Project". 

4. Done.

Of course, you can change the project after you imported it. You can adjust the parameters and add different devices.


Overview of the project "Smart Heating"


The devices used for this project can be integrated in other projects as well. You can use the sensors for other smart home automizations, like home security projects. 

Happy automating!