Smart Home Security Systems: Feel Safe in Your Home

Smart Home Security Systems: Feel Safe in Your Home

Smart Home Security Systems: Feel Safe in Your Home

Smart home security is easy, but there are a few smart home security essentials for beginners: how to protect your home against intruders, fire, and water.

Home automation isn’t all about increasing comfort. It’s also a smart solution to protect your abode against intruders, fire and water. Nowadays, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to smart CCTV, intelligent door locks and alarm systems. However, one way to step up home security even further is interconnecting your chosen security measures on Conrad Connect. Means less worrying about potential loopholes in your security set-up, and more enjoying the comfiness of your home.

Benefits of Smart Home Security

Goes without saying that CCTV and home alarms have always been a top choice when it comes to protecting property. However, living in the digital age makes setting up home security systems easier, cheaper and quicker. For instance, these days, smart systems are wireless, transferring data using encrypted radio signals. Means no need to drill holes into walls to rout cables, or to call in an electrical contractor to wire up your place. You can install most systems yourself.

Selecting settings and operating the system isn’t rocket science either. There’s an app for that. And as everything is connected to the interwebs you can keep an eye on your property from wherever you are at the moment, making adjustments whenever necessary. Old-school systems that just record CCTV footage are a waste of money. Nowadays, state-of-the-art camera software detects when something happens that requires immediate action. Moreover, most systems now allow voice control which makes your life even easier.

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Unlike their predecessors, modern smart security products don’t just routinely do what they are supposed to do. They are able to communicate with each other, creating a system greater than the sum of its parts, using Conrad Connect to tap into the cloud. This means lights switching on when CCTV detects someone approaching your home. Means smart lighting in your home changing colour when the smoke alarm goes off and you don’t hear it.  Means neighbours or emergency services being able to access the property much quicker due to smart sensors unlocking the smart front door in the case of a fire or a water leak.

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These products help you protect your home

Most people associate home security with wireless alarm systems, CCTV and bulky locks. Sure, keeping intruders out is definitely one important aspect of these systems. Another one is protecting occupants and their belongings against potential hazards within your home. This is where smart sensors come in. 

Smart CCTV: These days, you can get a network-enabled app-operated IP camera for about €100. However, if you want to go the whole nine yards and purchase a product that comes with voice control, hazard detection using AI and unlimited connectivity across brands you are looking at about €400. The main differences between camera brands are resolution and FOV size. Opting for products with IR diodes boosts night vision.  If you are looking for a camera suitable for outdoor use make sure the product is weatherproof as indicated by the appropriate IP rating. And keep in mind that if you want to stream CCTV footage to a cloud server instead of using built-in camera memory, the cloud service may incur subscription fees.


Smart door video intercoms: SDVIs are basically a spin-off of digital CCTV. If someone rings the doorbell, SDVIs stream video footage straight to you smartphone. More advanced systems are available from €300 upwards, feature face recognition and tell you someone’s  about to knock on your door long before they actually do it. And if they don’t then SDVIs are doing the job of CCTV. The systems come with built-in microphones and speakers means you can talk to people on your doorstep from wherever you are at the moment. Products differ with regard to video resolution and memory size.

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Smart motion detectors: If you don’t want cameras all about your place, motion detectors are a more unobtrusive yet highly effective choice when it comes to home protection. However, as they don’t do optics, they can’t tell the difference between guests and intruders. Moreover, interconnected motion detectors are more than just a security measure: groping in the dark for the light switch is a thing of the past. Let there be light whenever you move.

Smart door and window contacts: Windows and doors are the number one target of home intruders. Alarm systems using contact sensors to cover this is a standard set-up. These sensors consist of two parts. One is attached to the window frame or door frame, the other one to the window sash or door style. When windows and doors are closed both parts make contact. If contact is lost due to someone opening the door/window, the alarm goes off.

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Smart smoke detectors: Smart smoke detectors are less prone to malfunction or batteries running low than their traditional counterparts. They alert you via push notification whenever there is a technical issue or problem with power supply. Moreover, they identify and tell you the room that needs your attention. No more figuring out which one of the detectors spread across your home has gone off. And if you link the detectors to smart mains plugs or smart lighting, they turn off the TV or stereo and change the light bulb colors to red.

Smart water leak detectors: Water damage caused by leaking washing machines, sinks spilling over, or burst water mains can be costly. Whilst smart water leak detectors cannot prevent the leak they alert you quickly means you can take immediate action thereby limiting the damage to a minimum. Placed in areas of high risk it only takes a tiny amount of water before they alert you by sending a message to your smartphone. Setting up the system requires internet access, with detectors and Wi-Fi router communicating via a gateway available from the brand of your choice.

Somfy Tastatur mit RFID BluetoothSmart door locks: Unlike their dumb counterparts, smart door locks come with a motor-powered cylinder. Also, keys are a thing of the past. Means you need to punch in a code, use a smartphone app, a token or don’t have to do anything as your lock recognizes you via sensors. App and voice control allows you to remotely open the door for visitors. Hooked up to smoke and water leak detectors, the door will automatically unlock when neighbors or emergency services arrive on site. And the lock recognizes if someone tries to force their way in and gets in touch with you. Nowadays smart locks are going to set you back about €300. However, this may not include the gateway required to connect the lock to a Wi-Fi router.

Smart alarm systems: Smart home security kits already contain many of the above-mentioned components. And they include an alarm sounder. Moreover, you can install most burglar alarms yourself, and operate them from basically anywhere on the planet using an app. In order to do so, each product needs to connect to a Wi-Fi router using a gateway. Depending on the advancedness of the system of your choice, you are looking at set-up costs ranging from €80 to €1000. Additional features such as data storage and emergency assist options normally require subscribing to a service that’s gonna cost you extra.

One-click home security boosts using tried and tested templates

Using our platform allows you to custom assemble your very own security system using components from manufacturers from across the board. Our rule editor makes interconnecting different products as easy as pie. Moreover, during smartening up the security of your home you are being backed by the whole Conrad Connect community, with plenty of tried and tested projects being shared on our platform that you can easily import and adapt to your needs using a straightforward drag and drop procedure. There are lots of projects centred around the most common security products which makes setting up your system much easier.

Using smart home security products on Conrad Connect

Whether it’s about keeping intruders out or preventing damage by fire or water, all projects shared on our platform allow  you to interconnect a huge variety of home automation devices. As of January 2019, we support a wide range of home security products from brands including Egardia, Gigaset elements, HomeMatic (via CloudMatic), HomeMatic IP, innogy, Nest, Nuki, Smanos, Somfy, Sygonix and Zipato.

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Egardia: If you are looking for all-inclusive smart home security solutions, check out Egardia. The brand’s modular starter kit allows subsequent expansion up to 160 interlinked sensors and a total of four CCTV cameras. The kit also includes an emergency power supply. Egardia supplies door and window contacts, as well as motion, smoke and water leak detectors. The hub uses a LAN cable to connect to the internet. The system offers both app- and browser-based control options. Egardia partnered with Philips Hue lighting is a perfect way to simulate home occupancy when you are out and about. Moreover, Egardia supports a wide range of products from other brands that can be interconnected via your Conrad Connect account, including voice control using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Gigaset elements: Gigaset’s product line includes pretty much everything you need to set up a state-of-the-art smart home security system. Choose from a range of different starter kits that allow expansion incorporating additional cameras and sensors. The system revolves around a hub that connects to a Wi-Fi router via a LAN cable. The products communicate using DECT-ULE wireless protocols and support voice control via smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Goes without saying that Gigaset systems come with an iOS/Android app.

HomeMatic: eQ-3 supply a variety of security products compatible with their CCU2 hub that allows setting up advanced smart home protection systems. This includes door and window contacts, smoke, leakage and motion detectors, and an alarm sounded. Conrad Connect enables linking HomeMatic products using CloudMatic services.

Homematic Funk Alarm Smart Home AutomationHomeMatic IP: Aimed at those who are just getting into home automation, eQ-3’s HomeMatic IP range comprises a selection of products that help you boost home security the smart way. Available products include door, window and window handle contacts, motion sensors suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as indoor occupancy, smoke and water leak detectors. All products support voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. HomeMatic IP security systems are either centered around the brand’s CCU3 hub or HomeMatic IP Access Point.

innogy: Home security constitutes a wide range of innogy's product selection, including indoor and outdoor motion sensors, door and window contacts, automated blinds as well as smart sockets and switches to simulate occupancy. Innogy home security systems require an innogy smart home hub that connects smart devices both to the internet and to each other. Innogy systems come with a smartphone app and support voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Innogu Funk Alarm Smart Home AutomationNest: It’s their design that makes Nest smoke detectors and CCTV cameras stand out from the crowd. They don’t look like your typical smart home devices. Goes without saying that  Nest products do deliver when it comes to protecting your home and property. Nest Protect smoke detectors are able to tell the difference between smoke and steam which makes them less prone to false alarms. And they talk to you, pointing out the room where the alarm went off. Nest’s camera selection comprises interconnecting devices suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the product you choose, camera software allows discriminating between the movement patterns of humans, animals and vegetation. Nest’s indoor camera support voice control via Google Assistant. However, long-term storage of your  CCTV footage requires paying a subscription.

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Nuki: No more lost keys. No need to get a second set of keys made. Rent out your holiday cottage without having to hand over physical keys. All that courtesy of smart door locks manufactured by brands like Nuki. Nuki locks come with a built-in electrical actuator operated by either smart home app, token, punching in a code, or by using your voice. Nuki also supplies a bridge that facilitates remote lock control. And using our platform, Nuki locks interconnect with smart lighting, mains outlets, smoke detectors and plenty of other smart devices.

Smart Home Security Nuki

Smanos: Nowadays alarm systems don’t necessarily have to look like alarm systems. Take Smanos for example. They look like designer items and totally blend in with your existing home interiors. K1, the company’s compact circular gateway, is a real eye catcher that can be attached to a wall and operates up to 50 battery-powered sensors covering windows, doors, motion and a shedload of other parameters. K1 comes with a smartphone app and supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Somfy: Somfy One is a highly compact, stylish and unobtrusive all-in-one alarm system that incorporates a camera, a motion sensor and a sounder, and supports voice control via Amazon Alexa. Place it wherever needed and complete the set-up using Somfy’s iOS/Andriod app. Done. To boost home protection, Somfy One also allows adding more outdoor and indoor cameras, motion detectors, and door and window contacts using a small wireless gateway that needs one mains outlet only.

Sygonix: The brand’s smart home security products comprise a wide range of sensors, detectors and contacts covering doors, windows, motion and water leaks. Hooked up to the brand’s smart mains outlets they are able to simulate home occupancy. Sygonix home security products revolve around a wireless gateway that connects the peripherals to a Wi-Fi router. Setting up and operating the system is done using Sygonix’s iPhone or Android app.

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Zipato: If you opt for really sophisticated smart home security, Zipato’s all-in-one solution makes operating the interconnected elements easy: ZipaTile is basically a complete smart home system that comes in a very compact form. The 8” touchscreen control panel features a wall bracket, built-in motion, vibration and noise detectors, a camera and an alarm sounder. ZipTile supports Z-Wave and Zigbee standards. What’s more, Zipato’s software ensures compatibility with smart products from a large variety of other brands.