Smart Keys, Locks, and Door Openers as Part of Intelligent Access Control Systems

Both hands full and need the key? Contractors finally showing up but nobody on-site to let them in? Ran out of company keys to be issued to new recruits? Why not retire the good old metal keys, and let phone-operated smart locks and Wi-Fi door openers take care of all that. We show you how to use our platform to set up a safe and easy-to-use smart access control system for both your home and your workplace.      

Benefits of Smart Access Control Systems

Smart access control technology uses sensors, radio signals and electric motors. No conventional keys involved. As you can leave your keys safely in a drawer, cabinet or tray, the risk of losing them is basically zero. Also prevents you from having to exchange the locks of all office doors when company keys go AWOL.

If you need additional keys for temps or new employees, getting them duplicated in whatever numbers required won’t cost you a thing: keys in a smart access control system are digital codes that can be issued per email or text message. This also makes revoking access an equally straight forward process. Moreover, most smart access control tech comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to grant parcel delivery services, contractors, holiday makers, emergency services, neighbours, carers or cleaners access to the premises even if you are miles away at the moment.        

Türen öffnen ohne klassischen Schlüssel
Opening doors without a classic key can save you a few minutes everyday. Picture by Chutima Chaochaiya | Shutterstock


Below some of the main benefits of keyless entry systems. 

  • No more losing and having to replace keys;
  • Grant carers and cleaners access without issuing keys;
  • Enable holiday makers remote access to your property;
  • Low-cost high-flexibility entry system  for small and medium-sized businesses.

Keyless Access Technology with Conrad Connect Compatibility

Smart intercom door openers: Simply buying and retrofitting smart technology to your front door isn’t an option if you are renting a place. Here’s some good news, however. Manufacturers now supply keyless door openers that feature a built-in radio module, enabling the product to be hooked up to existing door intercoms at home or at the workplace. One of them is Nello One. Nello One smart door openers come with an app that interacts with your Wi-Fi router to  unlock the door. And there’s the Homezone Unlock feature that uses your smartphone to detect your current location. Means all you need to do is ring the door bell, and Nello One buzzes you in.       

nello 412239 Türsprechanlage WLAN IP Upgrade.jpg
The nello door phone WLAN IP upgrade can be attached to existing door phone systems.


nelloTürsprechanlage WLAN IP Upgrade
On the one hand, this can then be controlled with the app or integrated into automation projects at Conrad Connect.


Smart locks: Unlike their traditional counterparts, smart locks designed by Nuki, Tapkey and other suppliers come with battery-powered motor-operated cylinders. Locking and unlocking doors equipped with smart locks is done by sending a Bluetooth message from your smartphone. Alternatively, Nuki and Tapkey smart locks also support GPS-based auto-unlock routines. Also, smart lock Bluetooth protocols are protected by state-of-the-art encryption, safeguarding the products against different types of hacking.    

What’s more, both products can be DIY-fitted to any door without leaving visible damage that might upset landlords if your are renting the property. Using Nuki smart locks on our platform requires a bridge that needs to be plugged in a mains outlet. Bridge and lock are included in Nuki’s Combo package. By the way, Tapkey isn’t just a product name. The company also operates an open platform licensed out to other manufacturers. This explains why you also see retailers listing products branded DOM Tapkey etc.    

NUKI 220085 Türschloss Bluetooth-fähig
With the Bluetooth-enabled NUKI door lock, for example, you leave the house carefree.


NUKI 220113 Türschloss Bluetooth-fähig
Modern models, such as the Bluetooth-enabled NUKI door lock here in the picture, can also compete optically.


Smart CCTV: These days, products like Netatmo’s Welcome indoor camera come with built-in face recognition. This allows you to use CCTV face recognition together with smart lock access control,  significantly boosting home or workplace security in the process, as only authorised people are able to get into sensitive areas of a building.     

Netatmo Welcome NSC01-EU WLAN IP Überwachungskamera1365373_AB_00_FB
The Netatmo Welcome NSC01-EU Wireless IP Surveillance Camera can tell if a familiar face is coming home ...


Netatmo Welcome NSC01-EU WLAN IP Überwachungskamera1365373_AB_08_FB
... or someone unknown. At the same time, the surveillance camera fits into your home thanks to its modern design.


Use Conrad Connect to Automate Smart Entry Systems

Even as standalones, Wi-Fi door openers and electronic locks already offer lots of added value. However, it’s interconnecting them on our platform that allows you to take full advantage of what the Internet of Things is capable of, enabling network set-ups encompassing keyless entry systems and other smart devices, to make your everyday life both easier and safer. 

Conrad Connect supports more than 3.000 smart products from over 70 brands. Means only the sky is the limit when it comes to possible applications. Below just some examples.  

  • Save money on utility bills by only switching air conditioners, heating and lights on if someone is on the premises;
  • Unlock the doors whenever smoke or water leak detectors go off, to allow neighbours or emergency service to access the property;
  • Unlocking the front door results in your home automation system auto-executing your very own chillax routine including audio playback and mood lighting;
  • Meeting rooms at the work place only being accessible to co-workers who were asked to attend the meeting (using Google Calendar)

First thing you need to do is  log in to your Conrad Connect account and add the respective smart locks, door openers and CCTV cameras. Afterwards, all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to set up smart home routines for  whatever tasks you want to automate. This step-by-step guide helps you all the way along. Moreover, we’ve recently launched a deliberately simplified version of our project editor aimed at straightforward automation set-ups. If you want to come up with more complex routines, there’s our advanced graphical editor that allows you to do just that.

Ready-to-use Project Templates for Smart Locks and Door Openers

Using ready-made templates to get your smart access control projects up and running saves you a lot of time. So, why not check out the large number of tried and tested projects shared on our platform by our steadily growing community? Importing these templates into your account requires one mouse click. Goes without saying that you can edit any project to fit your needs.

Using Nello One on Conrad Connect to Unlock Doors

Öffnen Sie Nello One ganz einfach mit einen Sprachbefehl über Conrad Connect


Nello One is a smart door opener set-up and controlled by Nello’s smartphone app. However, what happens if you need to unlock the front door via the intercom but haven’t got your mobile phone on you? No prob at all. Nello One on Conrad Connect also supports voice commands

action button conrad connect


Means, pick the relevant action button in our project editor and link it with a smart speaker or a voice-control app. When it comes to smart speakers, our platform supports Google Home, Amazon Echo and any other speaker compatible with Google or Alexa Skills. Goes without saying that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa work, too. Comes in handy if your phone is out of reach but you’re wearing an Android smartwatch, or are near a smart speaker.

If you live in an apartment block or a building with a shared main entry, Nello One first and foremost deals with the main entry. However, if you use Nuki’s Smart Lock 2.0, there’s a way to unlock the door to your flat, too. This project disables the lock of the door inside the building 3 seconds after Nello has unlocked the main entry.  If you live in a high-rise building and need to climb up a flight of stairs to reach your abode, use our project editor to increase the delay as much as you like.      

If you want to operate Nello One and Nuki without getting off the couch, Mobile Alert smart wall switches, or similar products by other brands, are an alternative to smartphone apps and voice commands. Each button services a smart device. As Mobile Alert switches feature a 4-gang design, you’ve got some spare “button power” left to lock you front door after your visitors crossed your doorstep.    

Replace Traditional Locks with Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Conrad Connect 

If you rent out property as holiday accommodation on Airbnb, you no longer need to  show up in person to hand over the keys. This project is centred around Nuki, allows you to remotely grant holiday makers access to the premises, and works as follows. Whenever the Nest  CCTV camera detects someone approaching the front door, you get a text message. Afterwards, you ascertain the identity of the visitors via video live feed. If it’s indeed the people who booked into your accommodation, use an action button instead of the Nuki app to unlock the Nuki smart lock. Action buttons are virtual buttons that can be operated using your voice, a Telegram chatbot message,  a real-world smart switch or via a Conrad Connect dashboard widget.

Nuki in einem bestimmten Zeitfenster die Tür entriegeln, wenn Netatmo Welcome ein bekanntes Gesicht erkennt

Besides, you can automate Nuki-based smart access control even further. If your visitors happen to be family, friends or acquaintances, tell Nuki to unlock the door during a preset time window whenever Netatmo Welcome CCTV detects a familiar face.

Facilitating access to premises is only one part of what Nuki can do. The company’s products also help get people out of buildings quickly in the case of an emergency. This project uses an Ergadia sensor to automatically unlock the exits as soon as a smart smoke detector goes off. This one enables a similar set-up involving a Homematic IP product. Both templates assist emergency services and can save lives. Home automation also supports vulnerable people living alone. Here’s a project that unlocks the door and notifies the emergency contacts if someone has a fall, so that neighbours or carers can respond right away.       

Using Nuki products on our platform also helps you save money on your utility bills. The feature is called Lock ’n’ Go. Lock ‘n’ Go automatically unlocks the door for about 20 seconds and enables the lock afterwards. Comes in handy when you need to leave you place and got both hands full. This project uses Lock ‘n’ Go to turn down the heating and switch off the lights. 

Tapkey Smart Access Solutions

Interconnecting Tapkey products and Conrad Connect allows you to automatically unlock and heat up  meeting rooms at your workplace. This project is called Smart Office and lets you synchronise access authorisation with meetings scheduled via Google Calendar entries. Only people who have been asked to attend a meeting are able to unlock the meeting room by using either an NFC access card or the Tapkey Android/iOS app. Useful if your company operates an office sharing system, or keeps office space open to the public.     

Projekt für die automatische Zugangskontrolle per Tapkey inklusive Klimaanlagensteuerung

Above project also increases the room temperature to preset levels before the meeting kicks off, turn off the heating right after the meeting has concluded and the room isn’t used any longer. Also works the other way around during the summer months, if you use this project that combines Tapkey smart entry control with room air conditioning. 

wenn Tapkey den Raum nur dann öffnet, sofern die smarte Kamera Netatmo Welcome ein bekanntes Gesicht erkennt

Interlinking Tapkey door openers and Netatmo’s Welcome CCTV camera allows you to take building security up a notch or two. Whenever the camera’s built-in face recognition system detects a familiar face, such as company employee, Tapkey unlocks the door. In the case of someone unknown trying to access the room, building security staff gets an automated message to send someone over to ascertain the identity of the individual.  

Definitely a selection of smart access control solutions that offers something for everyone. Have fun!