Smart Living Model Project "Kinderhaus"

Conrad Connect is more than a smart home or smart office: The Smart Living platform can also help other non-office businesses with automated smart device projects - making them safer and more convenient. With our innovative smart living model project "Kinderhaus" we open up another area of life for the smart world and therefore we are the winner of the SmartHome Deutschland Award 2019 in the category "best project"!

smarthome deutschland award

Because care and education facilities e.g. are increasingly struggling with problems of funding and burdening staff, as well as other care and nursing facilities. Automation chains of smart devices that focus on taking on routine tasks or cutting energy costs can affect a turnaround of all facilities for young and old:

Project objective

Operating costs can be reduced and caregivers, educators, teachers and the facility manager can be relieved of routine tasks. Implementing this technique is quick and easy and can be adapted to all individual requirements - this is demonstrated by the integration of Conrad Connect into the Conrad Children's Home in Hirschau.

Kinderhaus Eingang

Project implementation

Different smart projects have been implemented in the Kinderhaus to cover various areas. It was important, of course, that these projects can be extended and adapted, as well as that new projects can be implemented in other areas. This is easy to make happen with Conrad Connect. For the first phase of this model project, the following three areas have been chosen to implement smart projects:

  • Energy Saving: Honeywell and Homematic IP thermostats, smart Osram plugs and a Philips Hue lamp were installed throughout the facility. The temperature is regulated at predetermined times according to the requirements and all consumers can be switched on and off at any time and from everywhere.
  • Improved air quality: A Netatmo weather station measures the CO2 level in the air, the results are displayed via a Philips Hue lamps using the colors green, yellow and red to visualize if and how urgently should be aired.
  • Perfect Nap Time: This feature automatically turns off lights and power outlets at pre-set nap times.


Kinderhaus Nap time


The two dashboards are set up to display the smart data that the devices provide. Additionally, projects can be started manually:

  • Dashboard 1 is released for the facility management and allows you to share widgets for the second dashboard.
  • Dashboard 2 is for the caregivers to start projects with action buttons which should not be started automatically (for example, triggered by a sensor or time-dependent) since the automation chain should not run every time.
Kindergarten Basteln


Kindergarten Spielen


Benefits of the project

  • Owners of the facility can increase cost-effectiveness through energy saving and automation and achieve competitive differentiation
  • Facility management employees can be relieved of routine tasks, while the extensive control - even remotely - remains over facilities and devices
  • Educators have removed tasks that they should not have to focus on, automated but also easy manual adaptation to current requirements are easy done and the concentration on the essentials is secured
  • Parents and children benefit from the fact that the educators have more time available for the actual tasks and the environment (air quality, temperature, etc.) is professionally monitored as well as there are also cost advantages for them