Smart Random Number Generator

There's something new in our project editor: Incorporated in projects, the "smart dice" randomly selects from a maximum of six options. This works on the one hand in conjunction with an action button, so a random decision is made whenever the action button is activated, or you connect it directly with an actuator and/or a sensor and select, whenever you want to trigger it.

In practice, this looks like this: The smart cube is located under Functions > Other (1). As usual, simply drag-and-drop the icon into the project editor and then adjust lighting in different colors, for example. To do this, click on the actuator (2) and configure on the right: One cube side can be determined, which makes sense in this example, since six actuators are selected. However, several cube sides can also be determined if the selection is made e.g. to fall between two actuators (3). Finally, determine when and how often the smart cube should run (4).

smart dice iot

Here are four ideas about how to use the new function in smart projects:

Smart sea of ​​lights with random colours

Do you have smart lamps in the office, but they are still always yellow? How about a constantly changing colour every 15 minutes? Or every day from 18 o'clock, as soon as after-work mood arises? This is very easy: by connecting the same lamp with six different colours in a project with the dice function, a little colour can be brought into everyday life throughout the day, or only at certain times of the day or on certain days.

Smart Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament

Combined with a smart switch, a single smart light bulb in the office can also become a very fun decision maker. Does anyone have to pick up the previously ordered lunch? Or go buy coffee filters? Rock-Paper-Scissors or match draw is out! Each non-volunteer gets assigned to one (or more) colours and then the smart switch is pressed and the lamp changes - accidentally - the colour. Then no one has to determine who it is today and listen to "always me!" and it's funny too!

Smart wheel of fortune at the next event

The classic for years at trade fair booths or partner tables at conferences is a wheel of fortune: Mostly within a short time, a queue of interested people who want to win a giveaway by turning the big colourful wheel can be seen from far. But rent, transport and construction are not always easy. That's what the smart Wheel of Fortune is - and cool too! Similar to the "smart Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament", a switch can change the colour of a lamp at random. If somebody presses the button and the lamp lights up in a certain colour, it is as if the wheel of fortune had stopped at this colour. But it’s also possible with different songs as shown in the next example:

Smarter favourite song-superstar in the evening

Just pick six favourite songs and play them randomly by Sonos and the dice feature. This goes e.g. (with a door sensor) when entering the front door after work or (with a smart plug) when the morning coffee machine is turned on. Or, triggered with an action button, via the language assistant with commands such as "Alexa, activate random dance with Conrad Connect" or "OK ​​Google, activate risk party with Conrad Connect"!