Smart Security

Smart Security to safe your home and chase unwanted visitors away

Smart Security

Combine various smart devices to chase unwanted visitors away. For this project you need to connect intellligent door and window sensors, smart lamps and plugs with Conrad Connect to create your own alarm system.

If a window or a door of your home is opened while your are gone, lights and sound system will switch on. Additionally, you will receive a message either via e-mail or SMS.


Project "Smart Security"

Monitor Doors and Windows

For this project you need smart door- and window-sensors, smart lamps, and a wifi-enabled plug. If any of the sensors recongnize that either a window or a door is opened it will trigger the lamps and your sound system or TV to switch on. In most case this will be sufficient to chase the intruders away.  Additionally, to ensure that that your home is safe you will be informed about the break in through a message so that you can inform the police or your neighbour.  

What do you need?

- Smart Door-/Window sensors, e.g. by Innogy

- Smart lamps, e.g. Philipps Hue

- Smart plugs

Get started - connect devices

Login on the platform and go to the Devices & Services page. Click on the product you want to connect and follow the instructions.


Create the  Project

1. Go to "Projects" and click on "New Project".

2. Choose from Time "between hours", set the time when you are not at home. This will be the period when your alarm system will be activated.

3. Choose your window and door sensors. Connect sensors with the Time condition and choose "true".

4. Connect all sensors to the Logikgatter "or" and set all parameter to "Open".

5. Choose from the actuators smart lamps, plugs and SMS (or e-mail) and set them all to "Open".

6. Connect the sensors with the "Or" logikgatter.

7. Set the actuators according to the desired action: light on, light colour, plug on or off , message text.

8. Safe the project and your are done.

If you like you can publish your project so that users can see and use it as well.


A possible Set-up of your Smart Security Project


Of course, you can change the project anytime according to your needs. You can add additional devices and switch the project on and off while you are not at home. 

Happy automating!