Smart Smoke Detection

Smoke Detection made easy

Smart Smoke Detection

Connect different smart devices with Conrad Connect for an intelligent smoke detection system. Receive alerts in case of smoke or fire in any room of your home, regardless if you are at home, in your garden or at work.

Smoke detectors are extremely useful and can help to save lifes. But sometimes a simple smoke detector is not enough to warn all residents.

With Conrad Connect you can connect smoke detectors with different smart devices and services. They will then become part of simple yet effective and comprehensive smoke detection system. 


Project "Smart Smoke Detection"

What you need to detect smoke and fire in time

First you need smart smoke detectors, like Nest Protect™. They serve as sensors to trigger the alarm. If you connect them with smart lamps and plugs you will get additional alarm triggers. In case of a fire all lamps will be switched on and TV or music switched off so that you can hear the alarm. 

Additionally, you can configure your lamps that they will turn to red during the day and bright white during the night to help you wake up.

What is needed:

-  Smart smoke detectors, e.g. Nest Protect™

-  Smart lamps, e.g. Osram, Philipps Hue, Lifx or MyStrom

-  Smart plugs, e.g. Innogy Smart Plug

Let's start

Log in the platform and go to the "Devices and Services" page. Click on the product you want to connect and follow the instructions.


Create the Project

1. Go to "Project" and click on "New Project".

2. Choose a Nest smoke detector.

3. Choose from Time "Day or Night".

4. Connect "Day or Night" with the smoke detector.

5. Choose from the actuators lamps and plugs and connect them with "Day or Night". 

6. Set your lamps and plugs to "Day", configure the lampe to "Red" and the plug to "off".

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 and set in step 6 lamps and plugs to "Night" and adjust the set-up according. Meaning, light to "White" and plug to "off".

8.  Finally, save your project and your are done! 


Of course, you can adjust your project according to your needs anytime. You can add additional devices which will be switched on, send messages, start your garden irrigation system and unlock your doors automatically.