The Internet of Things opens up plenty of opportunities when it comes to new business models.

Starting an IoT Business Made Easy Using Conrad Connect as a Platform as a Service

The ongoing digital transformation doesn’t necessitate companies turning themselves into tech multinationals to enable them to exploit smart business models. Bottom line: don’t invest in setting up your own infrastructure, hire it instead. Using Conrad Connect as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) means you’ve got all the necessary technology readily available, allowing you to expand the range of features of your existing applications and services, adding a set of Internet of Things (IoT) functions. Alternatively, all-inclusive IoT gateways enable you to get market-ready right away. We explain the basics and the advantages, and tell you which business sectors may benefit the most from a IoT PaaS approach.

Using an IoT Platform as a Service means companies don‘t need their own infrastructure.

IoT à la carte. What Platforms as a Service Are All About.

Anyone considering home automation doesn’t necessarily have to think about purchasing an entirely new home in the process. Same applies to companies who do not need to develop their own infrastructure in order to exploit business opportunities offered by the Internet of Things. Being the leading IoT platform in Europe means we provide all system ingredients required for high-performance cloud computing, with the components made available in a modular manner.

An interface linking to your apps and services gives you access to a steadily growing smart technology ecosystem comprising more than 4,000 individual products by over 100 brands. Moreover, the set-up allows you to utilise an extensive range of equipment automation and control functions as well as data visualisation options as part of your product range. Plus, a user-friendly and highly customisable GUI provides an excellent customer experience. Conrad Connect offers two different PaaS options: Either use the PaaS API to pick and embed individual features of our platform into one of your existing applications, or choose the stand-alone white label solution.


PaaS API: Providing a Personalised User Experience

If you are already using web applications or web client based services, IoT functions enable you to upgrade them in a way that fits your requirements. Our standardized PaaS API ensures precise and seamless roll-out of the chosen features. Being able to select exactly the Conrad Connect functions you need gives you a high degree of flexibility. Which, in turn, provides your customers with a highly individualised user experience.

White Label Platform: Launching an IoT Business Made Easy

Choosing this all-inclusive solution means making all features of Europe’s leading IoT platform available to your customers. And all that under the name of your brand: we’ll design the browser and mobile app using the corporate identity of your company. You benefit from our ecosystem including our partners, the complete range of platform functions and our easy-to-use GUI. This ensures maximum added value for you customers, with minimum time and effort to be put in from your side of things, and with your IoT business growing the smart way in the process.

Using PaaS Successfully: Pioneering IoT Applications for Up and Coming Industries

We design our PaaS solutions with your business in mind. Means the first thing we did was teaming up with the most innovative providers from all across Europe to tailor our services to your business needs. Below we use four select industries to illustrate how the Internet of Things in a PaaS framework benefits businesses. Needless to say that this also applies to plenty of related business sectors.

Using PaaS Successfully

Smart Energy: A Clever Way to Save Money

Smart Energy: A Clever Way to Save Money

This example uses a utility provider boosting consumer experience using our PaaS API to add IoT functions expanding the range of features of existing mobile apps. This does not involve any changes made to the established look and usability of the brand. The company has been collaborating with Conrad Connect to improve data visualisation options and add task automation routines.

This makes it much easier for users to control and monitor energy consumption, including operating smart thermostats much more efficiently, and charging electric cars during cheaper-rate off-peak hours. This helps consumers save money, also reassuring them that they’ve chosen the right energy supplier.

Insurance: Smart Home Assistants Help You Feel Safe

Interconnecting devices increases smart home security. And this not only because being part of the Internet of Things means being able to automatically alert you in the event of a problem which, in turn, allows you to instantly take appropriate action. Moreover, notification options aren’t limited to home occupants and include contacting the team manning the insurer’s dispatch room over the internet.

Connect your assurance to your smart home security system

For one of our clients working in the insurance sector we’ve designed a mobile app for precisely this purpose. The app enables booking and managing emergency contacts and services, allows customers to add smart devices to their accounts that meet the requirements of the selected service, and includes push-messaging support service teams in the event of an emergency.

Electronics Wholesale: Smart Tools for Smart Services

Conrad Connect white label solutions provide consumer electronics wholesalers with innovative service tools aimed at smart home technology service engineers. The package allows contractors to carry out maintenance remotely and provide customer tech support if needed. In order to do so, the app enables setting up user accounts connected to IoT-enabled devices.

Smart Tools for Smart Services

The solution utilises Conrad Connect cloud computing, however, wrapped into the corporate design of the respective wholesaler thus maintaining retailer brand image consistency.

Hardware Manufacturers: Competitiveness Through IoT Integration

These days, IoT connectivity constitutes one of the key factors when it comes to the competitiveness of hardware manufacturers. Conrad Connect PaaS solutions enable our clients to instantly boost the compatibility range of their products: using our PaaS API means making the devices and services of more than 100 brands currently partnered with Conrad Connect available to customers.

Nutzen Sie das Öko-System von Conrad Connect mit mehr als 100 Partnermarken
Be part of our ecosystem with more than 100 partner brands


Hardware manufacturers enable consumers to benefit from the entirety of a steadily growing IoT ecosystem by giving them access via their own manufacturer-issued app. This creates significant added value and makes their own products more attractive.

Bottom Line: PaaS as a Powerful IoT Business Booster“

PaaS solutions by Conrad Connect allow you to make commercial IoT applications part of your business model. Doing so means benefitting from a powerful tried-and-tested infrastructure that provides your customers with a state-of-the-art smart home and IoT experience. PaaS solutions give you immediate access to one of nowadays largest IoT ecosystems. Nonetheless, you retain your flexibility, only utilising features that help your business model thrive in a highly dynamic market environment.

Which growth areas are you planning to target using the Internet of Things? Boost your chance of success with a PaaS solution provided by Conrad Connect now.