Stock Alert Service and correspondent code template available

The first new service has been published through the Developer Portal on our Service Marketplace! The Stock Alert Service helps users to visualize the stock market data on the dashboard and to become notified through a smart light bulb when the price falls below a certain threshold.

But not only subscribers to the service can benefit from this. Because the great development team, that programmed the service, allowed us to share the source code with you as inspiration: It uploaded here on GitHub and is available to use for rewriting this service or complete other service ideas!

How the Stock Alert Service works

In the following, we will introduce the service to you and explain what's behind it:

The Stock Alert Service displays the selected stock values ​​in the widget on the Conrad Connect Dashboard. In addition, a Wiz lamp informs you about each loss, on the value of the stock, below a certain threshold. The lamp will turn then off again automatically after 15 minutes. You can use the top 20 indices from the Nasdaq Stock Market. How exactly it works, we show you here step by step:

stock alert logo

1. If you don't have an active project yet, authenticate a Wiz lamp here

2. Select the service on the Service Marketplace and subscribe for

Stock Alert Overview

3. Configure the service and choose appropriate thresholds, stocks and lamps

Stock Alert Configuration

4. Save and done!

5. The widget is now available and can be used on the dashboard

Stock Alert Widget
Stock Alert Widget

6. The lamp now lights up when the stock falls below the price you chose, you don't have to create an additional project in the project editor!

Stock Alert Widget auf Dashboard