Trigger IoT projects with the Telegram messenger

Great news! Telegram is now compatible with Conrad Connect. This enables you to trigger your favorite action button projects on Conrad Connect with a single Telegram text message. Switch your devices on and off on a go with this new service and make your life easier and smarter.

Why it’s useful

On Conrad Connect you can create two types of projects: one which is automatically triggered based on sensor data the other so-called action button projects, which can be triggered either by clicking the virtual action button or by voice command over smart assistants like Google home and Amazon Echo.


project overview


Telegram adds a whole new dimension of possibilities to trigger these projects simply by typing the command in the chat window along with the respective project name. Imagine how much time this can save while you are in the morning rush and don’t have time to switch the devices off one by one separately or when you are on your way home in winter and you’d like to activate heating upfront so it’s not freezing in the house when you arrive. There are limitless possibilities of what you can do with this service.  

How it works

The service is accessible from anywhere with an active internet connection. All you need is  Conrad Connect and Telegram accounts:

Set up the service:

1. Go to the Telegram IoT Messaging service on the Service Marketplace section of Conrad Connect. Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Make sure the green checkmark appears before you proceed to the next step


telegram icon


2. Now click the ‘Configure’ button in order to set up the connection between Conrad Connect and Telegram and follow the instructions. If you are using Telegram on the same device click ‘Take me to Telegram’, otherwise click ‘send me an email’ and you’ll receive an email with an activation link, so that you can proceed setup on the device on which you are using Telegram.



3. Following either way, you will receive a Telegram message from the Conrad Connect bot that includes a confirmation link. Click the link to connect your Telegram with your Conrad Connect account. Simply tap ‘START’ and you are done


telegram chat window

Now you are ready to send commands to the chatbot in order to trigger the action button projects. 

What types of projects to create

As mentioned above, action button projects can be very useful in different situations where you want to start a project manually. As an example, here’s an action button project which takes care of your evening mood. Once triggered, the project switches a  lamp to the desired color and turns a radio or a TV on via a smart plug.


project recipe

Interested in other smart use cases for your home and your business? You can find more projects here. Enjoy IoT to go with Telegram and as usual, if you have any feedback feel free to talk with us using