Smart Keys, Locks, and Door Openers as Part of Intelligent Access Control Systems

Conrad Connect allows you to use smart locks and intelligent door openers from brands like Nello, Nuki and Tapkey Conrad Connect to turn your mobile phone into a smart…
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Operating Your Home the Smart Way: Smart Switches, Buttons and Actuators on Conrad Connect

How to expand home automation using smart switches, smart buttons and smart actuators.
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Getting the IoT to Talk to You. Easy Ways to Visualise Data

There is more to home automation than meets the eye. Using data visualisation tools helps you stay on top of all the ins and outs. And this is how you do it.
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Presence AI: Putting Artificial Intelligence in Charge of Your Home Defence Strategy

Conrad Connect’s Presence AI helps you protect your home against burglars. Artificial Intelligence generates much more realistic occupancy simulations than timers.
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Shaping the future of IoT with the Developer Portal

For IoT enthusiasts: The Developer Portal opens up new and limitless connections between smart devices and the real world.
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How to Use Sensors To Automate Your Home

Sensors in home automation are basically what sense organs are to humans. We help you find the sensors you need.
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Affordable Home Automation: Smart Living Low-cost Set-ups

Ikea Tradfi, Silvercrest and Smartwares products and Conrad Connect make home automation affordable.
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Putting Slack in Charge: Smart Solutions for Office Automation

Office automation boosts workplace productivity, saves energy and improves the safety of the premises. Getting there is anything but complicated.
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Conrad Connect Business Solutions


The ‘Conrad Connect Business Solutions’ concept aims to provide full platform and ecosystem support for businesses who want to grow by the power of I

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IoT Outdoor Solutions - Smart Garden. Smart Premises. Smart Car.


Home automation is a way more far-reaching concept than most people think.

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