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The ‘Conrad Connect Business Solutions’ concept aims to provide full platform and ecosystem support for businesses who want to grow by the power of I

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IoT Outdoor Solutions - Smart Garden. Smart Premises. Smart Car.


Home automation is a way more far-reaching concept than most people think.

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Logic Gates. Doorway to Smart Home Perfection.

UND, NAND, OR:Logic gates simplify turning a more and more complex digital world into a Smart Home set-up that fits your needs.
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IoT Team Play: Home Automation Using Netatmo and Conrad Connect

Netatmo stands for innovative smart home products that look also pretty stylish. Linking Netatmo devices to Conrad Connect gives you plenty of extra automation options.
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Smart Random Number Generator

Incorporated in IoT projects, the "smart dice" randomly selects from a maximum of six options, e.g. for randomly different coloured lights or a random choice of songs.
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Opening the event season 2019


In May the festival season finally starts! OK, we probably will not be at the Fusion, nor the Hurricane, SPLASH !, MELT! or at the Lollapalooza.

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Trigger IoT projects with the Telegram messenger


Great news! Telegram is now compatible with Conrad Connect.

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Stock Alert Service and correspondent code template available


The first new service has been published through the Developer Portal on our Service Marketplace!

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Smart Living Model Project "Kinderhaus"


Conrad Connect is more than a smart home or smart office: The Smart Living platform can also help other non-office businesses with automated smart device projects -…

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Conrad Connect as an alternative to Stringify


News: From July 1st, 2019 on, the Stringify App will no longer exist!

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