10 Rules for Choosing an IoT Platform


IoT platforms form the backbone of any home, office or factory automation. No surprise that there are plenty to choose from. Confused?

Conrad Connect

Music In Your Smart Home: Services, Speakers & Accessories

With an automated music control, you make the right sound. Directing Spotify and Sonos perfectly - Conrad Connect makes it possible.
Conrad Connect

Conrad wins Best Customer Experience Award 2019 with Conrad Connect

Conrad wins Best Customer Experience Award 2019 with Conrad Connect
Conrad Connect

Announcement: Spotify is compatible

Now together with Conrad Connect Spotify can be integrated even smarter in your musical life!
Conrad Connect

Homematic IP Award for Your Smart Home Project

Indoors, outdoors, boosting home comfiness, making day-to-day life easier - joined by Homematic IP, we are looking for some really clever home automation.
Conrad Connect

Smart Home Security Systems: Feel Safe in Your Home

Smart home security is easy, but there are a few smart home security essentials for beginners: how to protect your home against intruders, fire, and water.
Conrad Connect

Smart Lighting: Perfect Illumination Made Easy

How it works, what you get, and what’s required. Smart lighting as part of home automation helps you get the illumination levels you need.
Conrad Connect

Smart Thermostats for Intelligent Heating Control

Smarten up your heating: more comfort, lower utility bills. Smart heating controls increase home comfiness and reduce energy consumption.
Conrad Connect

Data Insights #1: The colder it's outside, the worse the air gets inside

Conrad Connect has identified a correlation between indoor CO2 and outdoor temperature, which proves exactly this fact!
Conrad Connect

WiFi Plugs: An Easy Way to Automate Your Home

Smart Home kann überwältigend sein. Frage mich, wie ich anfangen soll? WiFi-Stecker könnten die Antwort sein. Erfahren Sie hier mehr
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