Smart Lighting: Perfect Illumination Made Easy

How it works, what you get, and what’s required. Smart lighting as part of home automation helps you get the illumination levels you need.
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Smart Thermostats for Intelligent Heating Control

Smarten up your heating: more comfort, lower utility bills. Smart heating controls increase home comfiness and reduce energy consumption.
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Data Insights #1: The colder it's outside, the worse the air gets inside

Conrad Connect has identified a correlation between indoor CO2 and outdoor temperature, which proves exactly this fact!
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WiFi Plugs: An Easy Way to Automate Your Home

Smart Home kann überwältigend sein. Frage mich, wie ich anfangen soll? WiFi-Stecker könnten die Antwort sein. Erfahren Sie hier mehr
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How to use Google sheets with Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect enables you to record your data in Google Sheets. This is a great tool if you are keen on having a deep dive in your data!
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Become part of the Conrad Connect IoT Service Hackathon

You can learn about the “next big thing” of the IoT world before its official opening, and have the chance to work with us on this in the future!
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DYI Sonos - play custom messages on Sonos

Here you can learn how to run a few simple scripts in the cloud in order to play custom messages with Sonos. Useful for impressing friends :)
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IoT Team Play: Using Homematic IP on Conrad Connect

Homematic IP is a brand that regularly comes up when talking about smart home systems. Linking Homematic IP to Conrad Connect takes home automation to the next level.
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How to connect devices to Conrad Connect

Learn how connecting devices with Conrad Connect works, what are the advantages and how you can easily automate your life
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Control your energy usage and lower costs with Conrad Connect

With the new Fresh Compare services, you can gain full control over your power consumption for your home appliances such as refrigeratorsa and washing machines!
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