Become part of the Conrad Connect IoT Service Hackathon

You can learn about the “next big thing” of the IoT world before its official opening, and have the chance to work with us on this in the future!
Conrad Connect

DYI Sonos - play custom messages on Sonos

Here you can learn how to run a few simple scripts in the cloud in order to play custom messages with Sonos. Useful for impressing friends :)
Conrad Connect

IoT Team Play: Using Homematic IP on Conrad Connect

Homematic IP is a brand that regularly comes up when talking about smart home systems. Linking Homematic IP to Conrad Connect takes home automation to the next level.
Conrad Connect

How to connect devices to Conrad Connect

Learn how connecting devices with Conrad Connect works, what are the advantages and how you can easily automate your life
Conrad Connect

Control your energy usage and lower costs with Conrad Connect

With the new Fresh Compare services, you can gain full control over your power consumption for your home appliances such as refrigeratorsa and washing machines!
Conrad Connect

The new shopping card feature from Conrad Connect

This feature is similar to other shopping carts you will find on a shopping website. You can put inside the products you like, save them or go directly to check out!
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Conrad Connect Community | Everything around IoT, Gadgets und Smart Tech

We’ve created a place where you can discuss, learn and share all things IoT. Take advantage and share your thoughts, talk to other enthusiasts and help the community!
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Automate home while you are on a vacation

Learn how to gain peace of mind by automating your home with Conrad Connect and fully enjoy your vacation
Conrad Connect

Learn how to publish a project with Conrad Connect

The set of automation rules or simply projects are the core of Conrad Connect. Sharing projects enables you to get feedback and support the community!
Conrad Connect

Activating your automated projects with Google Home

Create your Action button projects and activate them by voice directly via Google Home
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